∼November 10, 2015∼

When I was younger, I used to be SO full of insecurities. "Oh, I am not pretty enough. Why doesn't he like me? I wonder if I can find someone who'll like me. Why aren't I pretty as her?"

You girls know the drill. We have all been through it.

As I got older, I didn't get more confident. I didn't have that sense of calmness. I was still haunted by these thoughts of not being "enough".

I knew I was smart, but that wasn't enough. It didn't give me any confidence.

So time passed and I got my jaw surgery and I finally became "pretty". I am quoting other people now. Even after surgery, I didn't get more confident. Sure, I thought I was prettier, but it still made me insecure because then you start to think - why aren't I prettier?

And now I am here and I think I found the key to everything.
It's so obvious now, but back then...!

I had no idea that it was all it took to become confident..

The reason why I bring it up now it's because I see so many girls who have so low-selfesteem and it just pains me to see it. And that's why I want to write this entry to give my perspective on it.

So girls,
Insecurities will always be there, but the thing is..
You need to love yourself despite all your insecurities. Put yourself first. Love yourself more. Demand that you get the best of the best. YOU are so important. Nothing is more attractive than a girl who loves herself and knows her worth.

Be humble towards others and be kind to yourself.
Have love and respect for yourself.

Whatever life throws at you, it will become easy when you realize that you are BEST.
You need confidence to tackle life, but before you can have confidence you need to have self-love.

What to say - What to do - What you want - What you don't want.
All of those questions will be easily resolved because you're setting standards for yourself and then decisions are way easier to make.

You don't need validation from others.
You are allowed to give yourself compliments.

I am smart.
I am pretty.
I have a kind heart.
They are lucky to have me.

It's absolutely alright to love yourself.
So please ladies.

Love yourself more.
We deserve it!

Happy thoughts from me <3

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