I am too much or you're just too little?

∼March 11, 2015∼

As much as I love guys - that's as much as I hate them.
I might be confusing and I have all these thoughts running through my head, but seriously? 
Why you getting your panties into twist when things don't go the way you want it too?

Momma never taught you that we all are different? 

I know what I want, but it doesn't mean everything is as simple as they appear.

Maybe one day I am like this; and the other I am like that.
One day I like you and the next day you piss me off.

You can never be sure of everything especially when the foundation is weak.

You say you're a honest man? Sure, I believe you.
And believe me too when I say I am honest, but I can still do whatever I want ya know.
Things doesn't always go as smooth as you want it to be just because you're honest.

Never think I am as simple as I appear to be.
I just want that easy peasy happy life.

Don't try to hold me to anything. I won't have it. 
As fast as you came into my life - that's as fast as you're out of it.
It really doesn't make any difference to me. 

"Have a great life."
Oh yeah, thanks and you too.

"I can't deal with this."
Oh okay, I can't deal with you!

I won't be missing you. So we good.
Kisses and hugs /rant over.

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