Boy, you only know half of my story

∼January 23, 2015∼

Hello girlies.
Three weeks left before I turn 22. It's so surreal for me. I don't even remember my previous years. Every year I feel this way. The calendar change a digit and then suddenly a year already flew past me. I haven't been writing much on my blog and I can literally push a couple of buttons and see my birthday post from when I turned 21. Lol. Oh well, that's life I guess. It goes by so fast when you are doing too much or thinking too much.

As of now everything is going fine. I have an spoken exam in the end of this month which I am currently prepping for. Did I tell that I only have two more exams(excluding this one) and then I am done? Yeah, maybe I did in my previous post, but just thought I'd tell one more time. It just feels more real the more times I say it out loud.

I feel like I am a little more at ease now. Some days I feel like I am in a rush; other days I feel like I just need to trust the process. My fate is in God's hands and I have faith and I trust Him.

Also: trying to cut out toxic people from my life. It's not going well because I just like everybody even when I dislike them. I just don't care anymore. Sometimes I let people think they know me and I just play along. Maybe I am a bit foolish for doing so, but I just think it's funny when they think they know me, but really - they don't. I can fake too, ya know. 

If they knew the things running through my mind.
Oh wait - they never will.. :-)

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