2014 was a damn tough year

∼January 11, 2015∼

Hello! Greetings to 2015. 
Another year passed so quickly and here I am. 

Just to recap 2014. I've had an amazing year. Every year is a good year. I still have my dear family and friends who I love and adore and then I've meet several new people in 2014. Some I've become so close to and some I've just acquainted in the weirdest way possible. Other friendships have faded; rarely have this ever happened before, but as you get older - there is simply no space for shitty people who don't give a damn about you. I do forgive to easy, but forget? Nah. Never.

Whenever someone recap a year - we always mention the good stuff. I've done that so maybe I should tell something about the negatives of the year. To point out: I don't regret anything I did in 2014. I am not going to say "it's a waste of time to cry over spilled milk" because I honestly don't think that I regret anything? Of course there are some people who I am very unfortunate to stumbled into. I've been used and unappreciated :'-( oh cries, but that's life. I must learn that even though my intentions are good, I can't expect the same from other people. I will just take these people as lessons.

Another thing is about my everlasting: the ability to over-think every single thing in my life! I can't just think do things. No no! I have to think about it. It's the reason why I always say that you should do whatever you want because I try to constantly remind myself. If I was the person to do whatever I wanted I didn't need to write in it my blog. The same goes with my problems in the love-area. If everything was peachy then I wouldn't go ON and ON about it. This is not a NY-resolution, but more a thing I should think about for the the future. Again. I need to think about it apparently. Sigh. Do you ever learn Sally? Well: Do things with more confidence. I mean, I'm hella confident in many aspects, but why can't I give that impression to people. WHY!?

The next thing I will work on this year is: Tricking someone into being my boyfriend(just kidding ain't nobody tricking anybody).Yes, come at me with the facepalm or slow clapping. I know it's so cliche, but I want to find a sweet guy tho. Someone I can spoil LOL! HAHAHA

By the way - this summer I'll be graduating and getting my degree. So I will be done and out hunting for a job. Hence why I planning these things. I want to earn so much shmoney that I can travel. School has been so easy because I feel like I got my things under control. Of course I have to read a bunch of stuff, but so far I really feel a calmness because I have been diligent and I am so interested in what I do. I am so excited to be done with everything. And also move out again from my current city to my own little place. Oh, isn't life wonderful..

And if anyone is wondering about my braces. Yes, I have braces on and everything - just like the time I went out of high school. Super bummer really! LOL. Honestly it doesn't bother me much, but I thought I'd address it anyways. I have it on now and I feel shy at times, but after a while I really don't give damn. I do get like these old habits of hiding my teeth tho, but that's naturally since I don't want my braces to be all in your face :-) May 2016 be a better year for me and my mouth. Fuckin' hell, it's annoying, but I am gonna make it. Wish me luck with my second jaw surgery ahh~

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Lunar New Year is coming up soon so it's time to celebrate again hihihi.

And to the people who is complete idiots and mean pricks - I wish you nothing good in life. I might appear petty, but in reality I am just annoyed at myself and them of course. They be bad people and I don't like people who hurt others.I don't have respect for evil and hurtful people. I just don't. I can't tolerate these people with ill intentions.

Kiss and hugs xx

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