More than a face and body

∼December 1, 2014∼

• Personal entry which isn't meant to be understood • 

It's odd how people think I know what I am doing. It's odd why people think I know why I do certain things. It's odd how people think they got me all figured out.

But how is that even so? These people who are so quick to judge me; you don't know shit about me. Because you haven't known me long enough to even scratch the surface of how and why I am the way I am. You can't say anything about me because you're not entitled. Your words don't have any powers, and it just makes me laugh to see how you think you know; but in reality it shows me the exact opposite. How incredibly little you know of me.

The way I appear on the surface, tells you nothing about me. It's just a facade.

"I can tell you have experience.. Don't lie.."

I don't lie, and I have no intentions of lying. I am not going to waste my time explaining myself to anyone who make assumptions about me and thinks I will lie.

I might appear flirty. The way I talk might be misunderstood. The way I move might be suggestive. The way I initiate contact might be confusing. The way I dress might make you think I did it for you. 

But that's still only the outside you see. It tells you nothing about my story. The way I act is not because of experience. It's because I took a decision to turn the tables and explore other aspects of myself. To be honest: My actions and the way I present myself tells you the exact opposite of how I used to be in the past. It's not bad thing nor a good thing, but just something to think about.

Seriously tho. The way you see me and think of me; is the way you want me to be. Why do you project those thoughts on to me? I am not interested in explaining why I am shy one moment and flirty the next. It's a second nature for me to be both at the same time. I have no ill intentions with my actions. I am just trying to live life and see where it takes me. I am taking risks and chances. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed which forces me to back out. 

Don't see me as just a body or face. 
I assure you boy; I am way more than that. 

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