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∼September 2, 2014∼

Throwback to one of the better pictures of my light brown hair <3 I miss the length so bad. Short hair is cute, but that long hair makes pictures so much better and I can hide behind it too lol.

So yeah, I am back in school. It sucks because apparently I forgot a bunch of things. I was supposed to contact the people at my internship, but I misread some information and forgot about an email which reminded me that it had to be done before Summer. I'm usually prepared for school and such, but damn - this year really started off bad. Yesterday I was so stressed with school and some $$$ issues. Of course; I am back in Aarhus so I am away from my family again. Ironically I have been excited to be back again because I missed my apartment like hella muuuuuch. That freedom <3 but now that I am back and I am haunted by crap - I just want to go back to my mom lol! Three months summer vacation was not enough! :-)

Yesterday I was supposed to go shopping with my friend, but I was too stressed so we did a rain check. I went to the gym instead and did some grocery shopping. Today I might go out with a friend, but I sort of cancelled the date? Now I am wondering if I should do it anyways? I am just majorly stressed, but maybe I can relax when I take my mind elsewhere. Tomorrow I have another date with my friend and I haven't seen her in foreeeeeever. So I miss her.

Whenever a school year starts, I feel like it's like New Years because I always reflect on what has happened in the previous school year. For me, the previous year was a huge learning curve for me. I wish it was because of school, but not really lol. I met some unique people this year and it has been a very bumpy ride for me. You really learn who you are, what you want to and what you are able to when you meet new people. I guess I am lucky that I met more good people than bad people, but even the bad ones taught me a lesson.

I am extremely grateful for the things I learn everyday. I am seeing things in a different light now. I try to not  judge people and especially girls. As I learn things and see more things in a different perspectives I can understand why some girls act the way they do. I used to think that girls were silly when they became too invested in guys or they put guys before themselves. I didn't understand it, but now I kind of do. 

When you like someone, then you're willing to do a lot things for that person. Even if it makes you a "slut"; "loose"; "clingy"; "desperate"(not my words!) etc. some girls take the risk because feelings can be very overpowering with certain people. It's just a shame that some guys don't appreciate it.

over & out! I hope everybody has had a wonderful Summer. I have!

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