stop letting these guys walk all over you

∼August 24, 2014∼

I will try to keep it short & simple as a guide on 'how to not be a complete idiot'. Pass-locking it as well. 
To be honest, I think I was unaware that guys think completely different from girls. My closest friends are guys and they would never disrespect me in any ways. They know me and they care for me, but the thing is that not all guys will be like that towards me. 

Here's my lay-down.
A guy's only two goals are: 1) Maybe I want to date her or 2) I want to sex her up

There is no 'I want to be friends with her - she looks interesting and has a great personality'. It only works if you meet during a vacay; you are colleagues; you go to school together; you have mutual friends; you share some interests like sport or something like that. Guys aren't like girls. We actually have the capacity of casually writing to people without any intentions, but guys don't do the same. There is always a purpose. It's not just a chit for a chat. 

A guy will never approach a random girl at the mall to juuust be friends with her. Like never! And girls wouldn't either. It's common sense since everybody has established friendships already so there's no point in actively going out and finding random people at malls to befriend them. We only approach random people for the two reasons I stated above. I have a hard time believing people who deny the statement I just made.

So fast-forward to what I have experienced and LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME FOR WRITING THIS.
The lengths a guy would do to bed a girl is frickin' unbelievable. I mean, I shit you not. If a guy wants you, he'll make a way to see you. If he wants to bed you, he'll try real hard. No distance is too long for a guy if he knows he's getting something. If you live miles away, then he will drive those miles if he know he's getting some. He'll do ONLY the necessary ; too much work then no thanks. 

I used to think that for guys sex is just sex like if you don't get anything then it's just too bad because they will always have Rosie Palm and her five sisters. Well, I was wrong. Only partially wrong tho because Rosie Palm will always be there for them LOL. but if they can replace Rosie then they will definitely try to.

Some guys don't have any shame and will just contact you and if you allow them to make a pass at you then they will continue to do so. If they like you as a person; then obviously they are nice people and I will leave them alone. Well, unfortunately for me; I haven't met those kind of people.

From what I have experienced from all these mind-games of a bad guy.
1) If you don't say no - then it's a yes. Everything that's not a no, is a yes. A maybe is a 'I-can-still-convince-her'. If he says: "You want to go to my place and cuddle?" and you say "No, why should I?" EH! that's a wrong answer. The correct would be just a "No." Don't continue the conversation. There's no point in getting the conversation flowing because he'll try to convince you to come over.

2) You can't change a bad boy into a good boy. If he wanted to be good; he would be good to you. An ass is still an ass. Stop believing you can change these dudes. It might be possible, but are you willing to use your time for something that may not happen? 

3) If you are a good girl - and by that, I mean inexperienced - then I know from own experience that it's hard to say no because it's new and exciting. Like Oooooh, but if I could change anything - then it would be saying no from the get go. Don't get involved with them. Don't exchange numbers. Don't anything. I am weak with people and especially bad guys because they are usually very confident and they are good at persuading. They are better at the game than you and good girls should just admit defeat. Don't try to win because either way we're losing. Just pull yourself out and stop wasting you time. Honestly tho, my brain can't really store all the shit that happens everyday. Don't be too kind hearted as they aren't towards you. For me that's incredibly hard to fathom, but that's just how life works. Not everybody will want the best for you.

4) Don't contact them. Just don't.

5) Always think this: Is it worth it? Are you willing to waste your time fooling around with someone who doesn't care for you? If yes, then please re-evaluate what the perks.

I am pretty stupid nowadays so maybe I should follow my own advice.
Some people are so selfish. Why don't the players find the girls who can handle them? Like there is a billion of girls out there. Like why can't they just get out of my fucking face. I am so tired of this shit which I am surrounded by. If I catch feelings then I will be pissed, but luckily I am like a robot so I don't catch anything very quickly. You could sneeze me right in the face and I still wouldn't get sick LOL.

~rant over

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