emphasize your beauty & don't look for flaws

∼August 26, 2014∼

So I am watching a Danish documentary about how women view their bodies and their obsession with wanting to fix their imperfections. In the documentary ; we see women who have lost tons of weight, but they are still unhappy with themselves. Women who wants to fix every little part of their body with plastic surgery. Women who starve themselves to become skinny. Women who have been in great shape, lost it and then fell into an eating disorder. It's an incredibly eye-awakening documentary because I sense that a lot of girls can relate.

Here we have women who knows that they are unhealthily obsessed with their appearances, but they can't help it! Women who hate their bodies.

I must admit that it makes my heart ache when I hear their stories. No one should ever feel so bad about themselves. It's heartbreaking to see how insecure women can be. How we're never satisfied with our body and how it affects our way of life. I can relate to the feeling of never being satisfied, but I am aware of the fact that I will never be satisfied no matter what goals I have in mind. We will never be able to like every single part of our body because when you fix one thing ; another thing will pop up and become our next imperfection. What we don't like about ourselves does not make us less appealing. It's all in our head. Why are we so incredibly hard on ourselves? No one expects others to be perfect because we ourselves are not perfect.

There is no such thing as perfection.
We should really learn to love ourselves.

Never say what you're insecure about because chances are that no one else sees them.
Say only good things about yourselves because it's healthy.

~ I really like my eyes in this pictures. They are so sparkly.
See what I did there? <3

Lots of love x

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