Othellolagkage (othello layered cake)

∼June 7, 2014∼

We celebrated Father's Day with lots of food and an Othellocake.
This is a traditional Danish cake and much loved.
I am so proud of this cake so I thought I would share some pictures <3

The cake itself is so easy to make.
I prepared most of the things a day ahead and in my opinion; it only taste better like that.

It's a typical layered spongecake whereas one of the four layers are of macaroon.
- The fillings are strawberry mousse and Toblerone mousse.
- The top has a layer of rolled marzipan, chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries.
- The outside is delicious whipped cream.

Oooh~ I just love cake and especially Othellolagkage. It's the best.
You guys should try to make it.

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