lust & love

∼June 19, 2014∼

Yesterday I thought about lust & love.
Why are we so fixated on whether one's feelings are lust or love?
Why are we so desperate to define what category our feelings belong to?
Why does one consider one feeling better than the other?

It really doesn't make any sense to me. 

I am attracted to you. You are attracted to me. So what's the deal? Why can't we just be together?
Why does it have a negative connotation if I say that I lust instead of love?

Isn't it only natural to lust when you are attracted to someone?
Why do we consider lust as something negative while love is hailed as something positive?

Let me ask you this:
How many have cried tears because of love? And how many have cried tears over lust?
I'm not saying that lust is better than love. It's just wrong to say that lust is worse than love.

I am a strong believer that when you love, you also lust - but when you lust; you don't necessarily love.
The latter is what people seem to forget.
It's probably why people dislike love as they view lusty people as shallow people with bad morals and why is that?
Why does everything have to be about "the one and true love"?

I love my lustful side, but at the same time I have a hard time dealing with it.
Something as simple as lust shouldn't be a considered as a sin.

My theory is that we are too constricted by our surroundings which is why I have a hard time dealing with lust.
Sometimes we think too much! We worry too much! We care too much about who don't care about us.

If we do sleep around; we're sluts. If we don't sleep around; we're prudes. If we have sex too quick; we're easy and therefor not girlfriend material. If we decide to wait with sex; we might not be worth the wait.

It's battle that can never be won.
Yup, the harsh reality!

Oh wells.
I say; live your life however you want.
Don't care about labels because in the end; it's your life.

Also people, who don't matter to you, won't care about you in the end.
They be feeding the gossip, but that tells more about them than it does about you.

An end-note to fellow girls:
Remember to think smart. Play smart. Be smart.

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