French Fraisier Cake

∼June 15, 2014∼

This is my first time making this type of cake. It reminds me of a strawberry shortcake, but with a French spin on. It's more egg-based, I must say. I feel like it's a heavier cake compared to the strawberry shortcake.

The Fraisier cake, I made, consists of a three-layered Genoise spongecake with Italian meringue buttercream on the sides; pastry cream on the insides as well as a Toblerone mousse and lastly it's topped with a meringue frosting. Fruits are blueberries, kiwis, bananas and strawberries <3

To be honest, I totally underestimated the technicality of the recipe. It's not just a shake-and-bake cake. I have never made a cake where the pastry cream was homemade nor a buttercream that was egg-based nor used/made meringue frosting. This was definitely a challenge which I will not take upon again until I have a proper kitchen. I need some good space for this type of cake. 

Despite the difficulty of the cake; I thoroughly enjoyed making it because of the technicality of the recipe. 
Oh yeah - made with love for my dear mother who's turning 49~ 

Recipe adapted from dailydelicious.

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