fitness & yoga update (1)

∼May 1, 2014∼

Hello love-lings <3
A quick update on everything. Basically I have been focusing a lot on my back and glutes since November. I gained a lot of mass to my ass(add slow clapping here*) which is a good thing! I also gained some fat in the process which is inevitable when you are bulking so that's a bad thing.

I am currently cutting some of the fluff I have been collecting. So far it's going really well. I am about 500kcal in deficit so I should be losing a pound every week or more. As of now I have lost more than that, but I have been adding 25 minutes of HIIT everyday on top of my weight lifting so my kcal deficit is probably bigger than what I have calculated. Nonetheless I am going continue hitting my macros as I've been doing up till now and if I am losing muscle-mass in the process then it's just too bad. This chubby/heaviness phase ain't cute on me. I am doing IIFYM or flexible diet which basically means I have macros which I hit however I like. Whether it's burger, icecream or some candy. I do however keep everything pretty "clean" as far as food choices because I find it easier to hit my macros like that.

I have decided to keep dieting until September 2014 and re-evaluate where I am at that point. I am hoping to see some muscle definition by that time and hopefully I will be at a healthy 52kg :) I guess my overall goal is to shed some fat on my hamstrings so my booty will be more pronounced. I want that BOOOOTY! My legs are the last thing to slim down so it will take some time and by that time I probably won't have much boobage :-( fyi I haven't been 52kg since 7th grade so I am not setting my hopes too high, but I am very confident with my macros right now so we'll see.

I am currently doing a somewhat lower carb and high fat because I think I am carb-sensitive. I crash whenever I eat too many carbs and it makes me hungrier both physically and emotionally when I have carbs. Right now I am loving the higher fat intake because I feel full and the cravings for carbs are pretty non-existent at this point :-) I have done low-carb+low-fat before and it made me binge like craaaaaazy, so let's see how this works.

As of my yoga! I took a break from it and I got heavier so my inversions are definitely a bit harder, but I am lots of stronger now so it took me no time to catch up. I am looking forward to a Summer with lots of inversions, backbends and handstands and so on.

And my stats in weight lifting: I am still "stuck" at squat70kg and deadlift75kg. I am not focusing in gaining strength as I train for hypertrophy(=size). I have added deadlifts because it's apparently a great compound exercise? I am experimenting and undulating lots of weighted and non-weighted glute exercises so I really hope to see some perky butts by the end of this summer <3

I am also tanning. Both indoors and outdoors lol. I know it's so bad! It's really unhealthy for the skin and who knows what it does to your body. Nonetheless I think I will try being tan this year :-D I know, I know. Pale suits me more(or so people say?), but I refuse to be the pale girl at the beach(again!). It's so uncomfortable. Especially when most people like tan skin better so you definitely stand out. Maybe too much lol. I am definitely not tanning because of peer pressure, but honestly - I think I look great both tan and pale and why not be tan when it's summer and sunny?

Btw: hope you all had a great Easter! 
Hugs from here..

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