things about me

∼April 28, 2014∼

 * I love purple lipsticks * I walk around naked in my home * I put peanut-butter in my coffee and I also add chocolate & vanilla sugar * I like to look at people even when they know I am looking - just to see how they react * I am terrible with at texting people in a non-friendly way so I always send delayed messages because it takes me forever to come up with a reply * I love dirty & sleazy rnb/hip-hop songs because.. oh well, do I need to explain that? * I don't stop eating when I am full, but I stop eating when all the food is gone which has resulted in many years of my weight just increasing and increasing * I like big butts because they cannot lie and who doesn't love a good behind? * I work out so I can look good naked * I started yoga as a way to gather and assemble all of my galloping thoughts *The ideal guy is someone who makes you feel happy, secure and precious - while thinking you're the prettiest little thing on the earth * If re-incarnation is possible I want to be reborn so I can become a baker and create the most delicious desserts for people to enjoy * When I am nervous/excited/turned on, I bite my lower lip * I have never had a boyfriend and I am currently not looking for one even though I think I want one - I am weird! * I dislike people who don't like to eat strange things simply because it's strange * I like to be alone, but the thought of being lonely scares me * A dream of mine is to travel the world. I want to live independently, gain experience & meet new people - you know: just travel somewhere far away and get to know oneself because I am tired of the restrictions that's put upon me * I have a big sister who's my best friend and that's simply because she's the best person in the whole wide world * I am spoiled as fuck and I am extremely grateful that I live on this planet with family & friends that I love *------------------------------------------------------

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