breathe in and out

∼April 1, 2014∼

The wind's howling. The trees are rustling. The sun's shining. And I just feel grateful. Whatever life's purposes are. I can't help to think that it really doesn't matter. I just know one thing: We're so lucky to walk upon the ground.

I close my eyes, I breathe and I smile. What a beautiful life! Open the heart for the endless possibilities that's given.
Life's so short and time passes so fast.

It should be my goal to become more positive and surround myself with more positive people. I want to look at things from a brighter point of view. Be happy about the little things in life. In short: keep my expectations low, but at the same time I want to be filled with warm feelings.

I wonder why I always get awfully philosophical whenever I practice my yoga. Maybe it's because I have time to think for myself? Where I stand in life; where I want to be in life; what I truly want out of your life?

Lately I have been making so many mistakes. If I started thinking with my brain instead of getting tempted like an animal, then maybe I'd stop making a fool out of myself. I don't understand why people play me. I have feelings, I get hurt and most importantly: I hold a grudge like no other. A girl is a girl right? It's hard to find someone who truly appreciates you. Something I really dislike is when guys write to you when you are starting to lose interest and you are kinda movingn on. It's so typical, right? The guy doesn't like you; he sure as hell doesn't want to get to know you, but he wont let you go either? It's so fricking odd! Why would guys do such things. I guess I am annoyed, but at the same time I am fine. I can't really control how other the minds of other people work. It's just impossible for me and I probably need to quit analyzing them.

The other day I talked to a close friend and he was surprised at how much girl's think about everything. Oh duh! He never gives it a second thought when he's involved with multiple girls. I think I could be the same way. Just be involved with multiple guys because obviously they don't care for us girls anyways so two can enjoy a game like that. Or so I think! I am probably making a mistake again. It's so confusing what girls would, could and shouldn't do! If I was a boy, I wouldn't want my girl to fool around, but life's so short to wait for the right guy to come along. At this rate, I honestly I think I will end up alone because I rarely want to commit, but I want everything in life.

In the ideal world, I would travel far away! To a place where nobody knows nobody.. A place where I don't have to think about jack! Oh shucks, I am being selfish like every other person on this planet.

I can't be perfect all the time and I can't be good all the time either. You know what that reminds me of?...

As imperfect as I am.
Or as humanely perfect I can be
I am exactly where I want to be.

& hello #yogaselfie <3

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