insecurity is not from within

∼March 23, 2014∼

Tick toc tick toc. Three weeks of internship's over and I'm so glad to be back home. I've learned a lot these past three weeks and I can't wait to use these fresh impressions in school. Especially ways to communicate with my patients in a level that's equally understandable and pleasant.

Right now I am getting back to my old rhythm because believe or not; three weeks at my parents was more than enough. I never thought I would say that, but I missed the freedom. Every time I did something, I had to tell my parents and I am just over it. Like, I am fed up with it! I love them, but I just can't stand it sometimes. It's funny how quickly you get used to being alone eh?

Sooo, my last week in Odense was very relaxed. I didn't plan much besides the girls' night:

Some of the girls, I see more often than others nevertheless it's great to see all the girls gathered. And it's even better when it's girls + wine + food <3 We had a lot of catching up to do. Funny how we're all the same, but yet so different from when we first became friends. For starters most of them got boyfriends and they have moved out.

Other than girls' night I have just been busy with my internship and going to the gym and such. Monday I went tanning with a friend. Next day I stayed in. Wednesday was horror-movie day. I get home rather late at like 6:30PM so it's limited what I can do. My sister don't understand why I like to spend time with people after 7PM LOL. What's wrong with that? It's after dinner time where I am full and content and afterwards we can just chill~ and I don't need to worry about anything. Good things happen when it's late <3

If you haven't noticed, I am spending more time at the gym. Reason being: my mom's been NAGGING on me. The usual: "sweetheart, you're getting bigger and not slimmer". Good lord, I just want to be back home in my apartment when my mom talks about my weight. I swear, if nobody made a big deal about anyone's weight - we wouldn't be so insecure. Insecurity isn't from within; we're not born with it. I believe it's from our surroundings. Hence we should only be surrounded with  people who uplift you. Nobody wants nor needs to be criticized all the time.

I think you can relate with me when I say it's a nice when you to feel loved and appreciated. Even when you're the biggest fool in the world. A compliment goes a long way. 

Thursday I went out for coffee with my sister and best friend. Never noticed this before, but my sister and best friend talk a lot! And most of the topics are about relationships and sex. LOL.

Friday was my last day at the internship and honestly: I always get overly emotional and I was close to tearing up LOL. The people were so nice and I had such a great time there. As a farewell-gift, I received a bunch of dental stuff and flowers which I am grateful for.

After work I headed home and I cooked dinner with my sister and friend. The whole family was gathered including my father even though it was a Friday! Afterwards I packed my stuff and my dear sister decided to drive me home <3 I love her! The plan was to drive Friday night, but I was so sleepy so we ended up driving Saturday morning. She helped me transport many heavy things and she also helped me pick up a bunch of stuff up from the post office. Oh, I love her more! <3

Now it's Sunday and I am relaxing at home. It's clean. I did all the laundry so it's new and fresh. 
Ah~ Let the new week begin.

And hello #shamelesselfie <3


ps: I recommend this app called Newsify. It works really well if you like to read blogposts on your phone ;-)

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