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∼March 13, 2014∼

I am currently staying at my parents house! I have a three week internship in my home city which is quite delightful. I mean, I missed home like crazy. Or maybe just the people.. I don't know.. It's just soothing to be back. February was a memorable month for me. This month differs a lot for me and it has been a very tiring month for me as well, but I am very pleased nonetheless.

Who would have thought that only one month could make a difference on my outlook on things?

Weekend of week 9

In Denmark it's a tradition to pour cinnamon on them if they aren't married by the time the turn 25. First we had pre-party with beer pong and other drinks then they day afterwards was the birthday party itself.

My aunt lives in the same city so I stayed the whole weekend. They have little kids so there were plenty of sweet things for me. I am getting fat! Loving it AND hating it at the same time.

We visited also visited some other relatives who invited us over for dinner on our way home. Always nice to be surrounded with family <3

Week 10 & 11
Busy week is a busy girl. I had my internship and on top of that I had of food dates with my friends. I also made sure to be physical which the gym after working. My mouth is busy too; eating craptastic chocolate all the time. Shame on me, but damn - it's fantastic to be back.

My first week at my internship was exciting. Everything was new and refreshing. I got many new impressions which I had to get used to. Of course it made me confused, but all new things do. At my internship I am not allowed to do much beside looking angelic(hihi) and ask a bunch of questions. In a way it's a good thing because I haven't had time to observe things in school, so I am learning many different techniques everyday, but on the flip side I think it's boring to do nothing. Oh well, not everything can be perfect. I am realizing that I need to become a lot faster because when it's about money - you need to be fast. One patient every thirty minutes and that's fast compared to my two hours per patient. Another thing I noticed was how female dominated my future workplace is going to be: just at my internship it's easily 17 females to 3 men, but it's so nice. Everyone is so sweet and they are so funny too.

I follow two dental hygienist and they are so different. One allows me to do things; the other doesn't let me do much so I am a teeny tiny drowsy on days where I don't do much. I am sort of just all over the place when I am at the clinic. Doing whatever I can lol. I also observe the dentists which is exciting! Pretty hardcore stuff they do everyday because of the drilling and the blood.

My sister went away in week 10 because she was in Wien with her class. In a way it's good because I can go wherever I want with her car, but it sucks that she is leaving when I just got back home and it's also the week where our girlfriend turned 23 so most of the girls where gathered at her birthday bash.

In preparation for our friends birthday I went out for brunch where we also bought a birthday gift. We actually spent more time at the cafe, but that's understandable as I haven't seen her in like ..forever!

I also dyed my hair! It's a copper red and I absolutely love it! My aunt's a hairdresser so I only paid for the hair-dye. Oh the benefits <3 Originally I wanted to go lighter, but my aunt said that it would damage my hair too much so I went for a bright red/orange instead. And voila, I love it.

Some socializing and chilling with champagne, food and hookah. I fell asleep because it was getting so late, but luckily my friend woke me up as he knows I am not allowed to stay to the morning.

Seriously, I can't wait to move out or just be back in Aarhus.

On a random sunny day with no plans, I called my girlfriend to see what she was doing and I headed over to her place. She cooked and I ate. We talked and I can tell you that I am excited for the time where I move out again. Preferably a three-room apartment lol. We did the usual girls' talk about family, guys, girls and whatevs!

She is currently moving to a new place which we helped her with. Our reward was food <3 Now it's soon the weekend of week 11. I am thinking that Friday should be me relaxing at home because I haven't been home much and I need to study. On Saturday it's girls' night with food and wine. Sunday is going to be whatever-I-feel-like-day. 

See you till next time.
Kiss, hugs and lots of love.

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