Don't get caught red-handed

∼February 5, 2014∼

I have a embarrasing story to tell. So the guy I have been seeing(?) have a blog/training log or whatever. In that blog he also writes about his daily life.

And now girls; don't lie to me and say you wouldn't be interested in the blog of the guy you're seeing. Obviously (and naturally) you'd be curious about the guy's blog; because for all you know he could be a fucking psychopath. He could be a serial killer or maybe a retard.

So yeah, I didn't know he had a blog until he openly(!) showed me one of his entries where he wrote about the time we worked out together. He wrote something along the lines of being impressed with me considering I've only started weight training since July.

So the dates of the above, was in December. 
Of course I was curious and I went home to look him up. 

Reasons being: who is this guy? & what did he write about me? 
The latter was just a bonus.

Well it was super easy: I just typed his name in Google and I found the blog. 
Thank you technology.

Obviously I am not really that important to him because we have just met. He never mentions me in his blog (should I be sad? Haha just kidding) but I still kept reading. It was really amusing and he writes really well. His friend's blog is fricking hilarious too.

So let's forward to to the other day. I am visiting him and I hand him my phone, but it happens to have his blog in my Safari! All of a sudden I hear him say: "why are you reading my blog without telling me?" And "are you stalking me?" And "why are you reading me blog?"

LOL. Imagine the look on my face. I was speechless. I was in shock. Words couldn't come out of my mouth and I could not help but laugh at the situation. It was so surreal and super embarrassing to be caught red-handed like that. Apparently I am a stalker now. 

I tried to play if off cool and I replied: "because it's amusing." 

Well I didn't lie; I genuinely find his blog funny. I just didn't tell him that it's also because I wanted to see who he was and I wanted to see if he was gonna write about me. The latter reasons being very embarrasing to say out loud. Also I felt that it was interesting to read about his life: like the things he doesn't tell me. His own private little space that I secretly invaded lol! 

Now I declared that I am not going to read it anymore. I didn't want to tell him I was reading because it's much more fun to read it when he doesn't know I was reading it. Sometimes you get affected by people who read your blog.

So now I have a guy who thinks I have some ulterior motive because I secretly read his blog. I mean, it's just a blog! He just keep going on and on about me reading the blog without telling him and he asked me if I was ever going to tell him if he never caught me. Talk about making me more embarrassed than I already am. I already wanted to bury myself.

I told him I had a blog, but I am certainly not gonna tell him my URL. It's my personal space. I am sorry I invaded his (which he says he doesn't mind), but mine is mine. I am not sharing. I am trying to be sweet and polite about it though, but it's super secretive.

You know. Sometimes you need your own private space. A blog that's only controlled by you and whatever your mind is wondering about. 

Btw: My mom knows my blog - what a bummer! Fortunately she doesn't read English too well!

Ps: it's my 21st birthday in twenty minutes. Let this year be eventful.

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