A year older, a year wiser

∼February 10, 2014∼

Last week was surprisingly(!) very eventful. Lots of stuff has been happening (btw: anyone getting tired of 'this love-life of mine'-stories?) and I also turned 21 years old. So hooray for me. I am a big girl now lol.

Honestly. I am somewhat tired. I feel like too much is happening at the moment. Is that possible? That too much is happening? People are always complaining when nothing is happening in their lives. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing? It's very different from what I am used to, that's for sure. It's like my energy is being sucked right out of me. Where is the time to just gaze out the window and be content with the weather? Right now I am kind of in the mood of listening to someone talk while I just doze off. 

About my birthday: On the day itself I remember I didn't sleep very well on my birthday because the environment was different from what I was used to. Then I celebrated my birthday with food and company and then I headed back to my parents house where I had a family/friends dinner with presents and I also got white roses(yay!).

My friends and I went out the same evening. The usual drinks and dancing kind of thing, but honestly: I was sleepy from my bus-trip  and I hadn't slept well the night before so I went home earlier after a couple of drinks. The above pictures was taken when I just got home. I think the ideal thing would be coming home to some cuddles lol. I think I know what it must feel like for guys now: Going out and not getting any girls with them home hahaha. Must be sad to be a guy sometimes! I am thankful that I am girl.

I also bought these magnets and I think I will gift the third one since it doesn't apply to me:

The next day I was tired, but I headed to the gym and decided to have a chill night. I've made a half-plan with someone, but I declined as I was not in the mood. The next day I bumped into another friend at the gym which was awkward at first, but I always get a good laugh. Then I decided to visit some of the best guys and they treated me with delicious butter-chicken for dinner <3 During my visit I got loads of advice on how boys are and that I should be careful about my image. They say I don't want to end up alone and scaring off all the good guys. Hm. Good guys will come eventually. I am not afraid, but their advice was much appreciated! 

After my dinner with them I went home with the bus and I arrived to my place at 11:45PM which is pretty late. I thought I was alright so I Facetime'd, but I guess I was more tired than I thought and I possibly fell asleep somewhere during the conversation. Not sure, but we hung up shortly afterwards.

Overall, it's been a exciting week. It's ironic that I am a year older, but I am not really sure I am a year wiser lol.

Speaking of older and wiser: I have something I was wondering about. 
This time it's about girls(surprise!).

As written before: I am currently gotten to a point where I am just puzzled with everything.
I think humans are the most complex creatures on this planet. Our perception; including my own; is very odd.

I guess at heart: I am probably a bit of a feminist(is it possible to be a little bit? who cares.). I want to uplift women, but at the same time I feel like there are so many idiotic women/girls out there (same goes for guys!) which makes it hard for me to like them!

I am going tell you a scenario: 
So my brother is currently dating(?) a younger girl who's by my definition is very stupid because she's so in love with my brother that she is forgetting herself. My brother is tired of her, but he's keeping her by his side and she's clinging to him even when she knows it's already over. I am pretty sure he has a side-chick as well.

To avoid confusion and to to sum up: My brother is a fucking prick, but I can't change my brother.

His girlfriend is younger which can explain why she is so naive to my brother's sweet words and oh-so blind to his harsh words. What I don't get is why is she clinging so desperately on to someone who's not interested in her? I mean, even if he's the "first- everything". Is it really worth it? Where is her love for herself? Where is the pride? I usually say that too much pride will ruin a person, but in this case it's a must-have. 

Sometimes when I hear about these girls, it hurts my head because I don't understand. I think it's necessary to evaluate what's keeping you in a relationship which is unloving? Oh wait - scratch the "unloving" - what's keeping you in a relationship where you have no respect for each other. My brother is a prick because I bet he's a fucking charming lad and his sweet words can probably blind and trick a young girl's heart. His relationships has nothing to do with me, but it annoys me endlessly to hear about these naive girls who just keeps hanging on to something so broken and to someone who only brings them momentarily happiness, but in your heart they being you uneasiness. I don't understand these girls. 

Why are girls so eager to abuse themselves? Why do we forget to love ourselves?

I know I have no right to judge or bad-mouth as I have never experienced of that sort, but still!
We need to become wiser. LIKE ASAP. 

Have a great Monday and don't forget to love yourself! We deserve love regardless of where it's from! <3

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