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∼January 24, 2014∼

Woke up early because I had some school-related things to finish. 

I also had a brief meeting with a patient who's actually a friend. I left in the middle of my work and went to meet him. He was joking the day before (as usual) that he might not come. (If he didn't; you bet I would drag his bum to my school.)

The plan was to take an OPG x-ray at my school, but the machine acted up so we couldn't take a proper one. We decided to wait till tomorrow when there is another teacher at present. Major bummer because I really wanted to see that x-ray picture! 

My friend seemed paranoid or maybe by nature he's a little pessimistic. Maybe he just likes to joke a lot. He seems to overreact and exaggerate a lot. He kept asking what I would do if he got cancer from the radiation? It's a valid question, but after the 10th time I am wondering if he's seriously concerned. We don't wear lead vests at our school because the radiation dosages are so minimal. It was a bit awkward for me that we couldn't take the x-ray. He came for nothing, but at least he had plans afterwards, but then again I was too occupied with school. When he left, I continued my work. In the evening I cleaned someone's teeth. For some reason people love to teach me stuff. Maybe I give out that vibe? They always be lecturing me about something. 

A girlfriend slept over and we did 'GIRLS' marathon. What a brilliant show.

Later at night I and believe it or not: I actually cooked something decent LOL I just popped several things in the oven and we had dinner. Chicken + potato boats + root vegetables and beans. Ooooh, it was a cosy night.

Funny how it's my home, but it's my friend who wakes me up. I am such a sleepy head. 

Today was another stressful day because the school has planned an evacuation drill which pretty much fucked my plans up. So I was rather disappointed and displeased with myself. On top of that; I forgot my credit card in my clinic clothes. 

I come home; extremely tired. I write to a dear friend and let's him decide whether I should *nap - eat - work out* or *eat - nap - workout*. Of course he chooses a third option which is *eat - work out - nap*. I am obedient and I even skipped the nap. That might explain why I was so darn sleepy and slept early. Also: it's weird to get msgs all of a sudden with guys you don't talk to anymore. Like what do they want? My studio is so clean these days. I am so proud of myself.

Woke you early. Went to school and injured myself. Lost like the tip of my finger. I think I should stop being clumsy. Sometimes I want everything to be perfect and then I rush myself. This is an example on how bad it can go. I can barely use my finger for anything now. They said I should take a break today. I was a bad girl and I went to yoga.
On the bright side I skipped lifting weights, but stuck to yoga.

I went with a friend and I hoped he liked it. It was hard for me to focus in class, but overall it was OK. It was way better last time because of the hip-openers and shoulder-openers. This time had a odd flow, but I think it's because I prefer Ashtanga yoga while the class was Iyengar yoga.

My family kept contacting me today. I miss them loads, but it seems they miss me more. I had to help my aunt with some papers and I also had to prep for tomorrow because we are currently having a two-day course on how to use anesthesia in the mouth.

I slept fairly late today because I was FaceTime'ing.
I was so darn sleepy and I don't even remember when I fell asleep.

Woke up terrified of school. This was the last day of the course and thankfully! The left side of my face was completely numb. This anesthesia is no joke. I am actually pretty sore in my face and I don't know why? Maybe my fellow student did something wrong because it feels like I am bruised inside my mouth.

After the course, I worked out with a girlfriend. We did legs and glutes which is by far my favorite workout day. I just want bigger glutes! Lots of fun and we're going again tomorrow. It's going to be a combination of cardio and strength(?). I hate cardio, but I am trying to lose weight so it's probably a good idea.

Now I am just relaxing and I ain't gonna do nothing! I am going to relax despite the fact I just got my exam assignment. My head is not in it so I am starting tomorrow. I am probably going to take a nap and then wake up and prep for the assignment.

Next week it's all about my assignment. I might get a visit tomorrow. I hope he doesn't come / is unable to come. I just want to be alone with my assignment, but I did say he can pop by if he's in town. It's always important to keep your word. Besides school, I have something Monday evening. Maybe it's a date, maybe it's not. I am not going to over-think it. All I know is: I will be in good company while eating cake. He will also help me with my shelves which is really kind of him. I really love guys who can fix things. I am not a handy-woman at all.

Thoughts of the week:
When I take my time to know people, I am genuinely interested in knowing who you are. It must truly hurt when you try to know someone and the feelings are not mutual. Personally I think making someone 'your friend for the time' is a despicable act.

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