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∼January 21, 2014∼

Today I overslept. I was extremely tired. Yup, everything is per usual. I wake up to a text asking if I was coming to the morning class. I was too tired so I roll over and it's suddenly 10AM. So nope: I don't think so, but I did come to the remaining classes. *good girl*

Coming and going as you please. God, I love college. There's almost too much freedom!

I wake up, do my morning yoga and I stroll my way to school.
All the girls are getting worked up over our written exam. I am not really concerned because it's going to be fine. My friend didn't sleep over today instead she will stay from tomorrow. Either way is cool.

I come home, eat my lunch and head out to work my upper body (which is weak!). I was going to join a yoga/Pilates class, but I skipped it because it was getting late and I didn't like the vibe from the gym. It was packed! and it was messy. Why don't they put the plates back!? The people are really weird too. One guy kept grunting extremely loudly in an angry way when he was near me. Dude, please keep it down. Like way down. That particular gym has a little too much testosterone for my taste.

I went home and I ate chicken-fillet with oven-baked root vegetables. I am currently dieting (or at least attempting to!) with macro 40c/40p/20f. I am crossing my fingers for the best. This is my first week where I diet. My scale ran out of battery or I just got heavier and broke the poor thing. Either way I am not sure if my weight is going up or down. It should be going down, but I feel extra chubby these days. If I am not losing: I am miscalculating my calories or my metabolism is screwed up :-(

When I got home, I caught up on some school-reading. Just preparing myself for the upcoming days with my patients. Message'd, Snapchatte'd, Facetime'd. Skype'd. Since I moved I rarely use my laptop whereas my iPhone has become my addiction. I don't play games on it but it's easy to be social with an iPhone.

As of this moment, I am watching a TV-show called 'Girls'.
I haven't watched TV-show in ages, but it's an incredibly interesting TV-show about the lives of 4 girls.
It reminds me of Sex and The City, but a whole lot better! It looks and feels like we're following a group of average real-life girls.
The different thoughts and scenarios; I bet a lot of females can relate to these characters.

There is a particular scene I can relate to because my girlfriends always say this to me:
"If a man doesn't take you out on a date; he's not interested. Point blank."

It's true, eh?
Yah. I can't tell my girlfriends this, but in theory I could ask a guy out. Why does it seem desperate when girls ask guys out?
Even though I don't mind, I won't because 1) I like guys who have guts/confidence 2) When you invite someone out; you have plans for what is going to happen afterwards.

It's silly and stupid to start something when you are unsure of what's going to happen afterwards.
It is also a waste of time, right? Both mine and theirs.

Anyways great TV-show and a little side note: The weather was hella nice & dry in the mornings, but then it turned horribly cold in the afternoon. Also: yesterday I Facetime'd the amusing guy. I will be seeing him briefly tomorrow + Wednesday. We have this yoga-thing on Thursday as well. Hm. Funny how it's just now that I notice I will see him a lot this week.

I am not going to lie; I am looking forward to it.

I just hope he's a bit nicer to me. Nice guy > Bad guy.
Otherwise I am not going to say much.

I am already on a roll! Let's keep it that way.
Lots of love.

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