christmas 2013

∼December 26, 2013∼

Merry Christmas. 
This year we celebrated Christmas at my aunt's house.

Even though I had my doubts at first we still had splendid time. I am not going to lie. These couple of months has been very hectic for the family which made me unsure on how it would turn out. Luckily we always have a great time with each other so this year was no different. The food was very unusual for Christmas because we had lots of vegetarian dishes. As per now half of the adult are vegetarian for the time being so we had lots of alternatives for meat. I didn't mind it though because I just avoid anything I don't like and I had traditional Christmas food last year so Asian food is fine by me. Whether it's vegetarian or now. I was craving Asian food that's why! I thought I wanted Danish food, but I have been pigging out on all that heavy fatty stuff so I Asian food is a great change. 

I didn't cook anything by the way. For once I could eat, drink and enjoy. I could catch up with the adults, play with the kids and basically just relax. All the children had lots of fun and the adults too. But then again; it's hard not to enjoy yourself when you are surrounded family <3

If I don't catch you before the year ends: Happy New Year! Hopefully we'll meet each other as a better person. If not, see you at the Chinese Lunar New Year.

ps. I have another post coming up. It's about this confused love life of mine LOL. yeah I know: my blog is turning into a diary! but it ain't that bad ;-) I might password-lock the entry. I am not sure yet. 

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