let's be real girls and the wonders of yoga

∼November 2, 2013∼

I am going back in time. Back to good old blog where write whatever is on my mind > also changed layout to something simple. fyi it's going to be long posts from now. Looking back I haven't written anything for myself and I created this blog to vent about the happy, crazy and sad moments of my life. In all honesty, I miss just writing about stuff.

These couple of months have been the most wonderful time of my life.
Sure I had some hectic moments because of my revelation regarding how boys think. I have always been the girl who was close with guys, but was never been interested in dating (flirting yes; dating no). There have been times where I thought: Now would be a great time to find someone, but it was never my top priority. Now I am 20 (turning 21 in Feb) and I am realizing a bunch of stuff. Maybe when I was younger; it was a bit easier to find boyfriend albeit not as serious, but still. As you get older circus age 20-25, getting into a serious relationship might not be as important for guys. Let's just be honest: Most guys use their down-stairs brain a little bit too much. So it hit me: what if I want to find a guy NOW and they only want to get into my pants? LOL. I don't want to sound full myself, but... I am pretty. I am sweet. So how come I can't find a decent guy? Only players, smart-asses and all sorts of different pricks. Am I giving out some sort of signal: DOUCHEBAGS COME AND GET IT!? I don't understand boys and I never will. Guys will say the same about girls, but that's probably the good guys who says that! Don't know where they at though. If you know any good guys, hit me up please. j/k. no really. ah, just j/k

Moving on from my hectic no-love-life stories. Discovering weight training and yoga have really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Weight training is just pure fun and it feeds the competitive side in me. "I can do this. I can go harder. I can go heavier. Tomorrow you'll be even better." and I love how I can tell my body is changing. If I was the same person as last year, I'd say I want to lose weight so bad! but now, it's just a number. Of course I think about gaining weight, but now losing weight doesn't really pressure me as much as before. Also seeing how people are changing their body in matter of months, tells me I can do it if I want to do it. It's not losing the weight that's the challenge, but having the will power to do something about it.

With yoga it's a completely different story. First of all, it's liberating. You are in control of your body, but you know what? Listen well to it because it's always trying to tell you something. Why don't you close your eyes and breathe. Feel the breath travel down your throat, through your lungs and then stop at your belly. Can you feel your chest expanding? Yes? Then hold it and let it go. Does your body tell you anything? Are you happy or maybe stressed? Do you feel better now? Inhale your happy thought, exhale all the negativity in the world. Now it has become crystal-clear to me. Mind and body work as a unit. There can't be one without the other.

Sometimes I'm so caught up in wanting to perfect something. I jump right into it without thinking if I am ready. My mind might says I want it; I can do it, but if my body is not in the same place then I can forget about it!

When I did my first headstand, I told myself: "This is cool. I don't know how to do, but let's try" and I fell over. After getting the basics I thought to myself: "You are ready for this and you are not afraid." and surely enough I was ready and I did my first real headstand. Even though my first headstand was only 5 seconds, I was extremely happy. My sister was very unsure and afraid when we did headstand and she said "I can only do it with a wall behind me" even when she never touched the wall, but just the thought of a wall behind assured her. As she became more confident; she walked away from the wall.

Most of the time I do something where I'm upside down.
Someone asked me: "Why are you always upside down?"
and I answered: "What's not good about it? I see the world in a different perspective. Sometimes things makes better sense when the world is flipped upside down."
So I encourage you to flip your perspective people. and see how far you'll get. I hardly understand the world as it is so flipping my perspective can only help you.

As mentioned in previous posts, I have Instagram where I post my yoga-stuff. I have videos too, but let's stick with pictures :-)

Hollow back is my favorite backbend! Opens the heart so well.
These two pictures shows my progress: The black/white is my BEFORE and the colored is my AFTER!

I can go on and on about yoga. Unlike weight training; yoga is not a sport, but it's a way of life.

Yoga is just wonderful because it reminds me to listen to my body. It is alive. I am alive. Every part of my body is moving because I am alive. Yoga teaches me how to breathe and become aware. It's the awareness that's the hard part. We do so many things in our daily life, but often do we stop and think?

Actually yoga is all about breathing. Breathe in and exhale. Those are the most important things in yoga. It's not about the poses, but your state of mind. Yoga is all about you: your heart, your mind and soul. Leave your unhappy thought outside your mat because when you step onto it. You'll forget about the world. Just focus on you.

If you ask me when I realized how profound yoga had affected me. I think it was a couple months back at the end of my yoga class and my teacher says:
"We finish class with a Namaste. It can be used as a hello or goodbye, but it has a more deep and beautiful meaning to it. It means I honor the divinity in you. I honor the place in you where the whole Universe resides. It's a place of love, light, truth and peace. And when you are in that place in you; and I am in that place in me; We're one. Namaste."
Well fuck me. That's beautiful.
So for anyone reading this far: Today I invite you to listen to your body. Close your eyes and breathe. 

- Sally, x

ps.: I won my two DietBets from previous post!
pps.: Currently prepping for my exam which is on Tuesday..
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