School start, Yoga and DietBetter!

∼August 30, 2013∼

Oooh, how I wish I didn't blog so much fitness and diet, but I can't help it!

I am all about yoga these days. I have been practicing my head-stand and it's getting easier now. Btw on grass it's actually easier without the mat! My form is a bit off because the mat was acting so strange on the grass ^_^;;

Next challenge: handstands! There are other poses I want to try, but I need to build some upper body strength or lose some weight in the bottom body. It's getting a bit too heavy around those thighs lol

Sooo guys.. School is starting next week and I am enjoying my last couple of days at home.. I am literally eating everything I can get my hands on because once I get back to my apartment it's going to be boring meals with chicken and *insert whatever green vegetable here*. I am not saying I have gained weight (not saying I haven't), but my discipline is low at the moment because I am eating when I am not hungry and that is so unlike me. 

Now that I am starting school again - I can go to the gym and eat more clean because at momma's house it's not happening. I am certain that I will lose a bit of weight when I go back because I never over-eat. I snack all the time at momma's and let's face it - that's not good for ya.. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I mean everything with sugar. I am not talking about candy, cookies and chocolates, but also natural sugar like fruit! I am the biggest fruit lover on the planet. I can snack maybe three bananas in one go and then through some peaches too. It's insane.

Yes sir. Biggest snacker right here! 

Seriously speaking though, I could lose a couple of pounds. It's not that I care loads about my scale, but it is a good indicator of where you are. Also now that I am doing more yoga I do have a bit of disadvantage that I am bottom heavy.

Having said that, I have joined TWO DietBetter games! One by Blogilates and another one in same time-span. Links are here:

I love a challenge and I said it myself: losing a couple of pounds can't hurt me. If anything it's good for me and it would set my mind on the right track. I mean I never thought I could do a headstand, but it took me two days so I can probably do this too! 

The deal is: you bet 25 bucks that you can lose 4% of your weight within 28 days. All the participant who manages to lose 4% splits the pot! Really simple right?

I love that winning is all about YOU!! It's not a machine who decides, but YOU.. If you put your heart and soul into those 28 days and you don't lose those 4% - it won't matter because you will know that you did the best you could. I read lots who didn't win but the still manages to lose quite a lot of weight which is awesome.

I am really excited now because I have been going to the gym quite frequently and it's only now that I have begun seriously thinking about what workouts I want to do and what I want to eat. So I think this is a great way to kick-start everything. 

Also... I love gambling (and money too) and I hate losing.. so of course, losing is not an option!

It's a good way to motivate yourself! who doesn't like the thought of losing weight and winning money :-) Amazing concept. 

So, anyone who wants to join?

ps.: I am slowly getting back to Blogger, reading tons of posts and the list seems endless! Blogspot is very busy in the Summer because there are so many posts XD Not sure if I can go through them all haha.

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