Pandan mantou recipe (improved)

∼August 14, 2013∼

Adapted from Almost Bourdain's recipe :-) To my surprise it turned all right despite my experimenting haha.
I used regular flour, but replaced some flour with cornstarch. I also use more sugar because I like my mantou sweet; this time isn't overly sweet, but next time I will definitely amp it up. Also I will use canned pandan extract next time because the one I got now is not so strong.. 
- 500g ap flour - Take 4 tbsp flour out (+top) and replace with 4 tbsp cornstarch
- 1 packet of dry yeast
- 50g castor sugar (but I will use 100g next time)
- 300 ml lukewarm water
- 2 tablespoon milk
- 2 egg whites
- 2 tbsp vegetable oil
- Pandan extract
Instructions (I wish I had taken pictures because this is so complicated..)
1. Combine flour mixture with dry yeast and sugar and mix well!
2. Divide flour into two even bowls. We will be making one regular dough and one pandan dough.
3. Divide 300ml lukewarm water. Now you have 2 x 150ml lukewarm water and we'll begin with the white dough.
4. Make a well into the flour and pour 150 ml in one of the bowls. Add 1 tbsp milk, 1 beaten egg white and 1 tbsp vegetable oil.
5. Stir to combine. Proceed to knead with electric mixer for 5m and hand-knead for 5m.
6. Rest for 10 minutes. For the pandan dough I combine the pandan extract with the water so it turns green and continue like step 4-6.
8. Divide each dough *evenly* into two. Now you have two white and two green dough.
9. Roll out the white dough into an rectangle and one green into the same shape.
10. Take water and 1tsp baking powder and stir well!!! Take your time :-) Brush the white  rectangle and put the green dough on top of the white one. After it's on top you can roll it out more if you like. Then brush the green dough with baking powder water and roll it into a sausage. Like you would do when you make cinnamon rolls.
11. Cut the mantou. I usually cut ugly ends off.
12. Do the same with the other two doughs. You can do white on top of green? Step 9-11.
13. Put cold water in steamer and steam buns for 17 minutes. Don't open the lid before the time is up!

Some other baked goods :-)
Buns with grated carrots and 5 different kinds of seeds. Incredibly moist. 

Just wanted to share the recipe because I love mantou!! I don't have much to say other than that :-) 

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