Leaving Blogger for a while

∼June 2, 2013∼

Hi! Has it only been three weeks since my last post? It feels like so much so longer.

Unlike other times where nothing was happening for me - I am 100% occupied and focused now.
And you know what? It feels absolutely fantastic. My mind is just spot on and I want to keep it that way.

The reason for that is: I have been working out! To be exact it's been two weeks now and I am going harder and harder everyday. I also cleaned up my diet and so far I have lost 2 pounds. I am trying to become more fit - if possible I want to become more muscular/defined while getting my body fat % down. Sounds easier said than done, I know.

I can multitask, but now I want fitness to be my #1 priority.
Which is why I will take a break from Blogger. (I will still answer emails though.)

I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. For common courtesy I'm giving a heads up (^▽^) 
I am not sure when I will come back. Maybe when I am 10 pounds lighter? But that would take me at least 6 months and that is awfully long for a break. I am not sure yet so it's indefinite, but I am hoping to reach my goals or see some results in October ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ So wish me "luck". (it's more about my determination lol)

My goal is to get that beach body for 2014! I mean, I definitely need to get it! I just have too. I can't stand the thought of another year where I wished "I had begun earlier so I could be fit for Summer". I am sick and tired of all my excuses. I am young and my metabolism is probably at its best now so I am going to take an advantage of that.

So yes. Keeping it short and simple: see you when I am healthier and fitter!
Love, Sally

PS. if you have Instagram - Write your username in the comments!
Even though I am on a break, I am still on my phone all the time lol! (︶ω︶)

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