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∼May 3, 2013∼

Last week was incredibly boring, but luckily there are always little things that brightens my days.
I have two stories for you.

On one of my school-days I was running late. I only live 200m from the bus-stop so I thought I could make it and I ran to my bus-stop, but before I could get there - the bus drove by. 
Suddenly a car which had passed me while I was running, starts backing and a window is scrolled down. The man says: "I see your bus just passed by and you obviously didn't catch it. Do you need a ride to the next bus-stop? I bet we can catch up with the bus." A complete stranger just offered me ride! I know what some of you might be thinking: "Don't get into a stranger's car!" but honestly it never crossed my mind that he might have been a complete psychopath so I thanked him and jumped into the car. 

Whether he was or wasn't isn't the point of the story, but just the fact that he was so nice. I mean, don't you guys think it was incredibly nice of him? He wasn't even going in the same direction as me.

I am sitting at the bus-stop and a homeless man with a loudbox is playing. He starts chatting me up, asking me where I am from and he says something about traveling in Thailand or something. He's a Danish man, but he starts dissing Danish people saying they are lazy, stupid and slow potatoes. At this point, I don't really know what to respond because if I agree he's going to be offended since he's Danish himself so my mouth is just shut. 
Suddenly he says he loves Thai people because they are always ready to fight. I look at him and then he just comes closer at me and this time he has drumsticks in his hands and he just shouts ready to fight! I am really freaked out because it looked like he was going to attack me. Then a man walks across the street and stands right between me and the homeless man. He looks over to the homeless man and says: "Can you turn down that garbage? This is a public place and you need to respect that. You should also stop harassing the young lady. I saw it from the other side of the street." The homeless man does as he's told and the other man stands there for a while and then stands there for 10 minutes and goes back to the other side of the street to buy some food. 

He walked all the way from the other street with his bag to assure that I wasn't going to get harassed. 
That's nice right? He wasn't even from the city! 

I guess, I look like person who needs to be saved? I am happy and grateful for their kind actions. 
There are still tons of kind people out there. Sometimes I just forget because most people seem so indifferent. Nowadays everybody has a I-don't-give-a-fuck-attitude and as my old teacher once said -  being indifferent can be worse than doing something wrongly. At least when you are doing something, it shows that you care..

Despite the boring classes, the weather was awesome! The sun was out and the weather was warm.
I wanted to go the park, but I went to a friend's house instead and she made food. She must be used to it because it was done rather quickly. I didn't even know she made it for me until she put in on two plates (^▽^)

We carried the food outside and we sat and talked. The day was actually intended for some photographing, but eating food is always nice. I really hope I can go to the park next time. Nothing is better than chilling at the park. Possibly with a cold drink and a sandwich in my hand. Ooh, that sounds so nice~

When the weekend came, I went home because my cousin's confirmation party.

The traffic back home was terrible though. People were driving really stupid that day and they kept driving into each other! There would be an accident on the other side of the road and people would get distracted and thus they create another car accident on their side of the road. So in total; there was 3 accidents right after each other. So it was one long bus-ride home! At one point I could walk out of the bus and just walk right next to the bus. That's how slow it went. It was a Friday too so there was lots of people who was on the road.

When I got home there was a bunch of family drama, but I am not going into to much details about that (^▽^)
It will just give you a headache! So let's just stick with the light-hearted stuff..

Oh! before I forget! I DYED MY HAIR! Woohoo. It's just a lighter brown though.
What do you think?

Also: did anything good happen to you lately? Met any nice people or had similar experiences?
Okayyy, see ya very soon! very very soon o (◡‿◡✿)

There is another post and my maiko-henshin experience in queue. Hopefully it's interesting (─‿‿─)

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