sausauge buns! again!

∼April 30, 2013∼

We made these earlier this week, but I never got around to post it so I figured I'll do it now. This is a random post with no purpose besides showing how pretty and delicious they are! I just love sausauge buns.. or just any white bread really! <3 I bet I was a fat kid in my previous life... because I dream about food all the time and when I am not dreaming about food, I am thinking of different ways to combine food so it taste better lol! I am crazy about bread, cookies, chocolates and sweets. I might be the only one in the house who loves those (excluding my father, he loves them too!)
Mom/Dad: Look what we just bought! Cookies/cakes/bread, wanna taste?
Me: Yummyyyyy~ NOM NOM!
Sister: Why don't you ever ask me?
Mom/Dad: Because you never say yes and you don't like sweets.
Sister: Oh. Right... it's still nice to be asked!
Me: Don't complain. I am the one who's getting fatter :-( but it's so good~
Okay, bye!

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