My Studio Apartment Part 2 (re-arranging)

∼March 15, 2013∼

I've re-arranged my studio apartment. I wasn't fully satisfied with the old arrangement (Read here) which is why I re-arranged the place. This is actually my second time moving my furniture around and I think I'm satisfied now.. Or at least for the time-being! There is still much to do - like decorating my walls and also using the big wall-space, but for now it's good! (✿◠‿◠)

I wanted to divide my studio apartment to create an illusion of a bigger room. Also to make it more functional. Honestly.. I was getting tired of living in ONE giant room. I was just bored with the old arrangement and it didn't have much flow. Now it's so much better. Better flow and I like it. I have areas so I don't feel like I am just in one room. When I am in bed, I am relaxing/chilling/sleeping and when I am not, I am probably occupied with something else (❁´◡`❁)

Imagine this. You walk in, take off your jacket, drop your bag on the chair and walk over to the drawer. You pull out your phone, plug it to the speakers and your favorite music starts playing. You continue: cook, exercise, study and when the night's calling - you change to your pajamas and head to the bed area and sleep/relax/watch a movie. Uhm uhm <3 Did I mention that I can reach everything now? I don't have to WALK all the way to the other side anymore. I can reach everything regardless if I am in the dining area or chill area (︶ω︶) 

Oh! here's the new floorplan! Hihi!

What am I missing now? A big mirror! Flying shelves, DIY clothing rack, semi-translucent white curtains and lastly storage place for make-up. The first three are the most needed right now.. ノ(ノ>▽<。)ノ There is still some details and decorations I am missing, but when I get the essentials, it will be easier to decorate! 

Yup yup. I love writing about my studio.. I just love love love this place! <3
Btw. what does your room/studio look like? I am so curious..!

Random extra picture: A recent picture I put a Topaz effect over! I really like this effect for some reason. It reminds me of Frida Kahlo (∩_∩) Maybe it's the colors.. (See Sandy! I do see/listen when you talk about Frida Kahlo.)

* Bye! Love, Sally

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