bloom.. spring's here..

∼March 5, 2013∼

Spring is here and I love it. Why I love Spring? I love Spring because it's a sweet season. What I love about Spring is my mind starts working again. Tic tic tic. Winter - the time where everything stops: mind and body - it's charming in it's own way, but so empty. At least to me. Everything is in hibernation or just lifeless. I don't like that. I like to move all the time. That's why Spring is great - it comes around and trees grow leaves, flowers bloom, colors spread and people move outside their homes. I always think it's it's beautiful to think of seasons like this. What it makes us do and think. I am happy Winter is over because it's my least favorite season.

Another reason why I like Spring.. Don't they always say- Love blooms in Spring? 'cus that's why I think of Spring as the season of love. I like to think I might find someone special, but I doubt it. Honestly speaking: I don't have space for anyone besides myself at the moment. I am too young and there is too much I don't understand. I am not ready. 

Am I being odd for saying that?

Bloom - The Paper Kites

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