.12 Nail Art: Pucca love and throwback nails

∼March 28, 2013∼

Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Are you guys enjoying Easter holidays as well?

I have a week off because of Easter so I am home and I am also.. doing my nails! I miss my long nails so much. Since I have patients now and it involves me having my fingers in people's mouths like half the time, I can't really have long nails nor nail-polish due to school regulations. Me, who used to have so long nails ... it's frickin' sad  (╥﹏╥) 

Monday I did a simple PUCCA nail art. I used acrylics paint to make my Pucca - everything is so much easier with acrylics paint. I only wore them that day though. The colors aren't exactly what I call Spring colors so I did something else(〃・・〃) I like to go with the seasons, but it's still a pretty cute nail-art.

Lastly, some of my old nail-art (click here to see all) Oh I miss those times! I am probably going to make the bows again because those are my all time favorite! but the 'Waves of Kanagawa' were the most beautiful ones I ever did.

So tell me, which ones did you like the best? (≧◡≦) and what's your favorite nail art? (whether it's your own or tumblr, heartit etc.)
Love, Sally

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