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∼February 26, 2013∼

I am obsessed with this playlist. Tell me if you like it. Personally - I think it's absolutely flawless! Can you say endless repeat? It's times like these that I am thankful for my dear sister; without the speakers I got from her it wouldn't be the same. On big speakers = my mind's blown. Absolutely blown.

I know I haven't been blogging much. I am taking day by day and I must say I am loving the independent aspect of life. I still go home pretty often though (^▽^) I am trying to manage how to be social and still go home whenever I can. I will reveal that I haven't quite figured everything out! (~_~;) but it's sort of working if I just plan my time right! Like a couple of days ago it was girls' night and it was BRILLIANT. Different yes, but brilliant. Them girls are so lovely. We had dinner and went out as well. I must admit I'm not one to refuse any night-outs, but lately I just want to stay home and relax. I am becoming boring! Shock! Earlier last week I also went out and it ended horrible with a kid grabbing my ass. I'm no drama queen, but it definitely seemed like it because some girls are so fierce and jumped the kid. By ,,jumped,, I mean confronted him. I am against violence in the nightlife because nothing is more embarrassing than fighting in public.
☆ 'nuff said, listen to the playlist because it's amazing!

Love, Sally
ps.: I am slow with replies, but I am still reading your blogs (*^。^*)

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