out of tens - into twenties!

∼February 10, 2013∼

Last week I celebrated my twentieth birthday and it was amazing <3 It was a dinner and everyone made it. Me sister and I made the birthday-cake and the rest was my mom's work. She swore she would never arrange/cook anything, but it's not fair for the birthday-child to do everything right? ;-) So she made a wonderful course dinner; wonton soup and fried wonton -then we had Vietnamese salad and shrimp chips on the side and as the main course we had banh hoi (Vietnamese dish) and pork. Somewhere in between the dishes were steak which was pretty random because everything else was Vietnamese dishes XD Lastly we had the cake which was the best cake ever. We took inspiration from the Japanese Strawberry Shortcakes and it was damn tasty! All in all, it was a lovely evening and I received gifts and much love so I am a content twenty year old ;-) If you are wondering about the decorations hahah it's something I won so we decided to use it haha!!!! After the week was over, I went back to Aarhus and school has begun. I am having loads of responsibilities now that I have my own patients. I celebrated on the actual day with a classmate which was very cosy. I had actually forgotten it was my birthday because I had already celebrated it, but it was really heartwarming to receive messages on both the phone and Facebook :')

So... All I have left to say is: Goodbye 10's and Hello 20's! Sorry for the photospam! I just felt like it LOL.
Also: Happy Vietnamese New Year / Lunar New Year! I am going home to me family yayyyy <3 like most Asians? I suppose XD
Love, Sally

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