half of the year fails - whose fault is it?

∼January 16, 2013∼

Remember the exam I told you about? It was last week and the half of the results are back.
Good news: I passed the social science part :-) I am relieved because it would suck if I failed especially when I put my all into the prepping. It's all good now and I am only waiting for the other half which is anatomy and microbiology. My gut feeling is saying I passed it as well because I felt it when I finished the test. I even went two hours before the exam ended because I didn't need those remaining hours. I walked out of the classroom and I was satisfied and full of confidence. I called my mother and said: "Mom, I am calling to say I am certain I passed. Maybe 95% but of course this is just a feeling. I am just calling to let you know how it went."

Now... you'd think that I might have jinxed myself right? I am always critical of my own performance and I just had a gut feeling that it went well, but who knows? My gut feeling might be extremely off the radar. Speaking of trusting your gut feeling, you won't believe how many thought they had passed, but didn't! 44 students failed the exam (one or several of the three subjects) that is a whopping 50% of the whole year! And that's only half of the results - we're still waiting for anatomy/microbiology and I fear that the percentage will be UP the roof because everyone was panicking about those two particular subjects whereas the social science subjects were their "easy points"-subjects. There has been a lot of talking as you can imagine. The school and teachers have never seen such a high percentage of fails and honestly me neither! I was shocked to say the least.

So who's to blame? The school or the students? 
As a student we have our own responsibility to learn, understand and absorb the materials the teachers present us. No one is going to help you outside school and you have to manage everything yourself. We are no longer in high school and no one will EVER and I say ever hand out degrees so easily.
You care about of your passing = Significantly bigger amount of work, time, self-discipline put into studying

That said - if you don't care and won't study, then be prepared to fail. However if you do care and study your ass off, that's great. Besides the faults of students, the school has a responsibility too: to provide us with great teachers and a stable structure. My teachers are great and everyone will say the exact same things. So it's definitely not ours teacher's fault so it must be the latter - the fault is in the structure. Our education is relatively new so the structure is non-existent. How are you supposed to know anything if there is no information to be found with the teachers? How overwhelming is it that you don't know what to focus on but you just need to understand everything? I could do it, but I can imagine that people don't study the same way. Whenever we asked them about the exam, they'd say: "It's going to be easy, don't worry" and now half of the year failed! I don't know if I should laugh or cry, but it's really ironic how the situation turned out. Remembering half a year of studies for ONE day is very overwhelming. At least split it in two days? Also for fellow students - we are on our own when we take an education. No one is spoon-feeding us. Unfortunately!  I guess it's partly the school and the student's fault - the school should provide us the foundation and stability, but when the school is uncertain - students become uncertain as well and that makes it hard for everyone. You're only as strong as your weakest link.

Also: went out with the lovely tooth-fairies after the exam <3 Them girls are hardcore, but it's was lots of fun. Very different from what I am used to, but still great. Definitely need to get in the rhythm of things. School is not the same without great people. Currently reading LIFE OF PI by Yann Martell. So excited for this book.

As always, hope everyone had a great holiday/new year :)
Love, Sally

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