bye 2012 - hi 2013

∼January 1, 2013∼

Happy New Year! I hope you guys had an amazing time with family or friends and loved ones. Can you believe another year passed by? Every year I look back in time and think about the key events of the year. What did I accomplish? What has changed since last year? and lastly - was it a good year?

And yes it was! 2012 was definitely one of the greatest and memorable years I've had so far. I've changed in a lot this year. I gained a lot confidence which changed my perception in so many ways. I started working in 2012. I traveled alone in 2012 and I met my great host family. I also moved out of the house and started studying in a different city. You can say this year has so many new elements and I am slowly learning to adapt to all the changes. Everyday you learn something new.. it's blows but it's nice at the same time, right?

New Years Eve holds a special place in heart because this is the only time of the year where I actually think back of the time that has passed and it's nice to know that in that precise moment, all the other people are doing the same. 

Okay. So yes! I dislike people's expectations of New Years Eve, but I like New Years Eve. They want big parties to celebrate the end of the year, but I don't feel for this year. I just want to relax this year. So in the end, I spent New Years Eve with my family and it was great and I was reminded of how much my smaller cousins enjoy days like these. Just like me! *hihi* Maybe next year I want something different for New Years Eve. 

Also: I achieved most of my NY resolutions last year so my new ones:
  • Lose 8 kg
  • Learn to sketch properly
  • Learn water/oil-painting
  • Practice my Japanese or other foreign language

Funny how I said you don't get squat from New Years resolutions (read here), but you do. 
See! It's good to aim for something. So get started on making NY resolutions..
Love Sally

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