winter wonderland with bells on

∼December 23, 2012∼

In case I just happen to disappear for a while because of the holidays: Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family 

Tomorrow it's Christmas Eve in Denmark and it looks like it's a white Christmas. A blizzard decided to say hi to us this morning so now there is so much snow outside. I am not too fond of the cold and it usually means people get delayed for wherever they are going... and my family is hosting the annual Christmas party this year (or my sister and I are the hosts) and I'd love for the snow to calm the f!"# down because I want people to be on time  You know Asians are always late and my family is no exception  We purposely told people to come earlier than what we really want because otherwise they will be late!  But I think they figured it out so they always allow themselves to come one hour late because they know we did it on purpose. The horror! My sister and I are making a traditional Danish Christmas dinner this year so I hope everything will go swell. We're cooking for 15 people so finger's crossed and we'll see tomorrow  On the picture above; you will see some recent pictures. First of all, my beloved parents are home from Vietnam and they got goodies back home. We prepared the table. The roasted ducks. Chocolate oats (?). My nails and some more. Also studded some dress shirts.

I am not sure what more to say. I am just too excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow I am productive and I will  pig out! It's only once a year I get to eat so much fatty foods! Oink oink! Also happy holidays!


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