winner of circle lens giveaway is .....

∼December 2, 2012∼

First of all: thanks everybody for joining. I hope you will join next time I decide to host another one. I am thinking of hosting another one in the future if I am planning to do this project of mine, but nothing's sure yet. This one was a bit time-consuming with the counting and all.. Since I didn't expect so many to join so this is a rather pleasant surprise even though it took a while.

The winning person is Shahara from ara-oundtheworld! Congratulation :-) I hope you will like the lenses. I will be writing you an email and also on your blog for more information on where I am sending the circle lens to. I am hoping it can arrive before Christmas, but since it is Christmas you can never be sure..

Name Entry # Name Entry #
Jessica 1-7 Raven 64-66
Mackenzie 8-12 Angel 67-71
Ceci 13-19 Shirley 72-74
Hana 20-26 Shahara 75-83
Lea 27-35 Rossy 84-90
Jenny Y. 36-42 Scarlett 91-95
Clarisse 43-47 May 96-104
Li-su 48-56 Gisselle 105-107
Yozellyn 57-61 Grace 108-110
Teri 62-63

I am just going to finish this post really quickly and say I hope you guys are having a cosy time with your families and friends. I don't have Christmas vacation yet so I am still stuck in my apartment, but the good thing is: on the first day of the December, it started snowing. I guess I will be having a white Christmas this year. I can't imagine anything more merrier than this since it's been a while since we have had a white Christmas <3 I might dislike snow, but new fallen snow is the best because it's so pretty and clean. Also gives you that nostalgic feel when you see snow falling slowly from the sky.

Oh. I wrapped the circle lenses.

Hopefully Shahara will use the circle lenses.. It's been sitting there all lonely this year so it's good it has a new owner... you can say that right??

btw.: Are you guys interested in tips on how to use Photoshop? 
Now I am mainly speaking to girls who just recently got Photoshop and they want tips on how to enhance their picture. Possible also how to enhance features and maybe even tools on how to make yourself thinner or something like that. Just the important basics so your pictures will look natural and not obvious you are using Photoshop. Nothing difficult or anything, but still important to the overall look.
I am asking this because I stumbled on some beauty blogs the other day and I could clearly tell when people use Photoshop the "wrong" way and to me personally.. it really ruins the illusion of whatever they were trying to do.. and I want to help! It's so easy to avoid those "errors", but oh well, I .
Signing out now and have a nice week. 

Sally. x

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