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∼December 13, 2012∼

I love life. I am bored of life. I enjoy company. I can't be bothered with anyone around. I wish I was an extrovert, but I enjoy being an introvert. I am happy. I am sad. I am excited. I don't care. I like you. I dislike you. I am pretty today. I don't look good today.
God created us so damn complex. We never make up our mind and our mood changes likes crazy. There is never a day will you ever feel comfortable and perfect. When does these unsettling feelings finally settle? I can tell why people go crazy because of this. There is never a break from constant noises. Life is so hard that it almost becomes funny. Oh. The ramblings of an odd girl.

Yes yes. I am having yet another day of this! Which means another blogpost! I know right.. why don't I ever write about them good days? I have a theory that when you feel down you think a lot more so you want to express it! Excited/satisfied people never really think that much and I bet you never hear anyone say "I love my life; it's so perfect!". So I don't write much when I am feeling good~ since I like to enjoy that moment. Weirdly enough I stumbled upon a quote the other and it said something about living life instead of blogging it. Interesting right? Hm. A little side-rant there, but I guess I am writing now because I am unsure of why I am having yet one of these days. I actually shouldn't dwell on the negative things from life because I doubt it's good for me or anyone. I have been reading about Murphy's Law (thanks Wai!) and apparently I make Murphy's Law (,,whatever can go wrong, will go wrong,,) relevant because I focus on the negative instead of the positive. So I will get over this phase and only focus on good things. (I wonder when my next post will be then lol)

One moment
I was standing by my busstop. Looking over to the other side and just looking at people. I was thinking to myself: on this cold day I wish something would happen right now. I am waiting and waiting and five minutes till the bus arrives feels like an eternity. I tap one step forth and one step back. I blow my fingers and suddenly something hits me. I smell something extremely nice and familiar in the cold air. It's fresh and I want to see where it's coming from. I look around and I see a guy peeling an orange and I just laughed a bit. I couldn't help but smile because it was such a refreshing smell on a somewhat uninteresting day. Don't know why I became so cheerful but little things like these are always the most unexpected so I appreciate them.

Anyone experienced this? Just a little thing that made you smile? Tell meeeee~
currently watching: I Miss You and Cheongdamdong Alice <3
Sally x

1: walking instead of taking the bus 
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3: my cheeky stockings I wouldn't normally wear
5: I visited my aunt and her kids
7: Christmas party and a tad too much fun
9: I polished those fillings in the lab and I even got them with me home.

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