tears are falling

∼December 9, 2012∼

My school is going fine, but I have been so unmotivated lately and it's seriously bumming me out. I literally have to drag my body out of the bed so I can get to school. Sometimes I even skip school because I just don't bother showing up to class when I know I can just read the book at home. Personally I hate feeling like this. Feeling unmotivated and indifferent is the worst feeling ever. I just want to be home and celebrate Christmas with my family. No more school please! I need a break from it. Because of this, I'm trying to change and going to school no matter how much I don't want to and also I am doing some fitness at home. I need to strengthen my mind and body. So I am trying my best right now. I going to turn this phase around and be really motivated.

By the way: these past weeks have been very unlucky. I got a cut last week because I tore some of the skin by my nail and now it's so painful. Till this day it is still causing me such pain. It's sort of like having a ingrown nail so anyone who has that will know how painful this is. Another thing is I had my first patient Friday (yay!) and because of my finger, I couldn't finish cleaning the person's teeth so my colleague helped me. That sucked because I really wanted to do it, but stupid finger wouldn't let me do a proper job. On top of that I rushed out of my apartment that day and I forgot my keys. Nothing is working for me right now! Ugh. I called my supervisor and he didn't have a spare so I had to call my sister to bring me her spare and she lives in a city faraway, but it was definitely cheaper than calling a locksmith because it's after hours and even then it's expensive. She drove all the way to my place while I was wandering my city and this will not happen again! I cannot deal with this crap and I am definitely going to install some kind of mechanism so it will never ever happen again. It's so frustrating and I felt so helpless since I don't have family in this town and I don't want to stay at a friend's house. The weekend got better though. I attended a Christmas party and we had lots of fun and lots of drinks. I might have gotten a bit too much of booze, but I can allow that once in a while! I am not an angel all year round :)

For everyone watching Korean dramas: Go watch Eunhye/Yoochun's Missing You because it's amazing? I don't usually watch these heavy melodramatic and angsty dramas, but it's very good. The child actors are amazing! They are so talented and I can't wait to see them playing adult roles. I kind of wish that they had extended the scenes with the kids or just continued the drama with them only lol! Tell me what you think if you are watching it and listen to the OST. I love it.

By the way.. Am I naive by saying this.. but I want a sweet love like that.. A kind and innocent love.. I always wished to have experienced something so sweet when I was younger.. Korean dramas makes you like this.. <3 

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