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∼December 15, 2012∼

I went to another julefrokost which is like a Christmas party. You have these parties with your colleagues and it's a night where you eat Christmas food and drink. That way you can bond with your colleagues. Schools and workplaces arrange these parties because of the social aspects of it. You know. It's always nice to meet and greet new people and nothing is better than getting a few drinks and relaxing lol. I don't really know anyone here like back home so I did whatever I wanted!

My class was the one who arranged the party (the juniors?) so most of my classs attended the party, but when I came to the place. I saw that most from my year didn't attend. It felt more like a party for the older classes and they were loud and they sounded like they had a blast! I guess it's understandable since they have known each other for a longer time, but our year is really great too and we also had lots of fun. Since it's a party with older classes I guess there is a bit of tension because people do think of seniority. Some girls were ruder than others and most of us are girls, so you can only imagine the drama I saw at the party. Girls crying and also girls chasing boys (the dentists because they are the only males in our school and girls go crazy when suddenly guys appear and they apparently haven't seen a male for a while). btw these dentist have it so easy because girls literally throw themselves at them LOL.

I am aware that my paleness is so out of the color scale LOL! It's like I need another scale for my paleness, but I couldn't help it . I wore BB-cream which was my first mistake and my second mistake was we took pictures with blitz . My dress looked pretty though: it had like a deep cut in the back 
Enough about that. These are two girlfriends and they look gorgeous right? People from the Middle East look so darn exotic and them eyes!  It's just to die for and you can tell I am very jealous! but one shouldn't ponder about such things 
I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the party itself, but I just didn't bother because I was afraid of damaging my DSLR with all the drunk people and it was quite dark so it wouldn't be quality anyways. By the end of the night, I ended up staying later with some other girls and it was a really fun night. Lots of dancing and small-talking. By the time the party ended, one of the other girls drove me to the midtown and I just walked home from there. Yes. In the snow. Yes. In the very blizzardy cold snowy weather. I know it sounds sort of crazy since it was around 2AM-ish and people were worried I would get in trouble on my way home. I only live like 2.5km from midtown so I'd rather just walk home than wait 45 minutes on the bus (I misread the bus-plans lol). When I got home, I thought to myself: "Yessss! I made it home!!" Even though I am not familiar with the city and I might not have many relatives in this town, but I can still do things on my own. I guess it's stupid to walk home alone when you're a girl, but I think Aarhus is a relatively safe city..... Oh well. Whatever right. I am still owning this city  

Next time, I will make sure to have it easier! Because walking one time is more than enough.. 
Especially in this killer winter weather!

Anyone who has been going to these Christmas parties? :) 
also: check out Miguel's and Rihanna's new album ;') 
Sally x

EDIT: someone posted this and I don't want to sound overly confident, but I think I look nice here :)

and yes, that bottle of vodka is mine....

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