i don't even understand danish

∼December 31, 2012∼

1. now - 2. at my apartment, forgot something - 3. at my aunt's 4.-6. studying 7. selca - 8. life of pi - 9. momma is lovely

It's currently 3AM and I'm still studying. Right now it's sociology and I've finished health psychology and pedagogy of health. The other subjects I still need to do are anatomy and microbiology. I've been reading so much these days that I feel like I don't understand Danish anymore.
I ask you this... Isn't books supposed to make you smarter? Aren't they supposed to be something that is informative? So tell me why these texts have to be so hard to read? Why can't these textbooks (which are supposed to make me understand the subject) use simple language?! Why don't they ever write in simple Danish? Why do the feel the necessity to throw fancy AND difficult words into the sentences? and why are the sentences so long that you have to read it a thousand times because you always forget the beginning.
This is making me pull out my synonyms dictionary a thousand times because sometimes I see a word I THINK I know, but I become unsure and I look up the word anyways. In times like these, I feel like my understanding of English is better >_<;; Why am I such a tard with languages.. Eeesh, I wish I was 100% fluent in just one language!

Okay my brain may be a bit clogged right now because I've been studying too much. It's just been a very busy vacation for me, but I'd rather suffer now than fail my semester.. right? I'm thinking of the good times ahead! I hope you guys are doing something more enjoyable than me and enjoy while you can..
Also: I saw Life of Pi 3D in the cinema and it was amazing! I definitely recommend it. I am not a 3D girl, but it's amazing with 3D (notice my HP limited edition 3D glasses lol). I am starting to read again! I want to read the book along with several other. I am more a movie-girl, but I love a good book.

Random outburst *here*: Next year I want to change! I will not strive for anything less than what I deserve and I will try to make a difference. Whatever it may be. As long as I feel a change within myself. Maybe grow stronger and more independent than this year. I guess I want as many changes in a very short time. Life is so unpredictable and I can't wait to challenge myself..

» Okay.. back to the books.. see you in the New Year!
Love Sally

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