christmas 2012

∼December 26, 2012∼

One of my more memorable Christmas Eve. Me sister and I were the hosts so we had the responsibility for everything. Food, drinks, decoration and entertainment. On the 23rd we prepared the two ducks and prior to that we had bought everything we needed to make the evening superb. I think we were afraid of buying too little which made us buy too much. We paid for everything ourselves so this year we definitely had a lot of things in our hands. I believe the adults were very happy that they could just enjoy the evening and the kids enjoyed it immensely too. Everyone praised us for how great everything was put together and how great the menu was. They said we made it look very easy.. I guess it's because Danish food is lot more simple than Vietnamese people and you don't necessarily need many people to help you prepare the food ;-)

Our menu (talk about being sophisticated hehe!)
Entrée: Bruschetta with smoked salmon, rucola, avocado and onion.
Main course: Duck, Flæskesteg (Danish roast pork), different kinds of potatoes: flødekartofler + brunede kartofler, salad, grønlangkål (kale), duck sauce, rødkål (red cabbage). We drank red wine, beer and soda.
Dessert: Risalamande (Danish rice porridge dessert with almonds and warm cherry sauce)

We actually had more food, but there were not enough space for it and there weren't time enough for me and my sister to eat while preparing for everything.. But we had more than enough of the food we had already prepared. It was such a merry day and we even played games like bingo and a game where they had to guess while a person acts out something. We ate dessert and then we watched old videos and they night slowly ended with tired people and children. 

Hope you all had a merry time with your family. Happy New Year! 
See you guys! Love Sally

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