#2 ootd: all about denim & wine colors

∼November 12, 2012∼

Excuse the noisy and slightly dark pictures. The sun in Denmark goes down freakishly quick in the winter time! Already at 4-ish it is so dark so we hurried and took some pictures before it was too late.
Lately I have been loving fall colors like wine/burgundy and also mustard and I have also been quite happy about denim clothes. My sister and I got ourselves new denim shirts (also burgundy scarfs) and we are loving them! Our style is actually very similar; since we have and still share clothes (despite me living in a different city) we look very alike in terms of style. It might not look like it in this post, but yeah we like to mix and match sometimes \(//∇//)\ We don't actually follow any trend or fashion; it's just good ol' comfortable and simple clothing. We don't wear very bold or loud clothing hihi. We're too chicken for that.

In terms of make-up; I guess I like the more dramatic look; heavy eyeliner and vibrant/dark lipstick while my sister prefer a more soft eye-look, but she still adores bold and bright colors.

Do you guys ever have that problem where you love a certain eyeliner, blush or lipstick so you just end up putting everything on even when you fear it might be too much? oh the trouble of liking everything!! I sometimes put a little bit too much of blush, lipstick and eyeliner because I think it's too pretty so I want to use a lot of it hehe. I don't know how to restrain myself haha!

Btw: I need to practice on my posing LOL. I don't know about you guys, but I don't know how to move/position my body so it will look good on the picture. When I am behind the camera, I can certainly point out and say how people should place themselves but when it myself I am just like a lost puppy (^_^;) I ask a hundred times: "how should I stand?" "does this look good? *moves* Or maybe like this?" LOL I am hopeless. My sister is just a natural so no comments on her haha. It is even worse when we take picture in public because then I get too self-conscious about the people around me! How people can pose and do this for their blog is too cool. Much respect ^_^

Btw: do you guys like denim and wine colors? Also do you guys like winter? (I am not fond of winter even though I am born in February; it's just too cold and dirty with all the snow + it's so wet!! I really hope there will be no snow this year.. I know.. I am so boring!! >_<'')

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