one year anniversary! + info: circle lens giveaway!

∼October 19, 2012∼

私は贈り物くれます> サークルレンズ
2011年8月17日 ・ 口腔外科。
2012年8月31日 ・ 本当1周年。
Today is not actually my one year anniversary (webblog).
My first anniversary is actually already over, but I still want to celebrate because this year was the best! ヾ(^∇^)
To celebrate the blog's anniversary (+ jaw-surgery) I am hosting a give-away where one lucky person can win a pair of circle lens :-)
- 17th of August 2011: Jaw surgery
- 31st of August 2012: Real first anniversary

Sorry if my Japanese is wrong and so short, I am still practicing! Hihihi.
Next post will be about my circle lens give-away! 
Please join even though it won't be big.
I don't have many followers either so there is a high chance of winning haha.


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