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∼October 31, 2012∼

Today's topic is going to be about sponsors.

Recently I have been sponsored an item which is also the first time where *I* have ever asked/contacted a shop for anything because I was interested & amused about a particular item. I just wanted to clarify that *I* contacted the sponsor before continuing (in case anyone wondering how I got it). In the past I have been offered other things (nail-things and such), but the timing wasn't really right since I was leaving for Japan at that time. Now I am back with blogging! so my initial thought was to follow the trend which was been going around for while. If you look around the blogosphere and for example look at any beauty/fashion blog you will see these sponsored reviews. It seems like everybody is doing it these days and also what everybody wants to be doing! :D

I guess wanting to have sponsors comes sooner or later when you have a blog. It's just about the time and timing. If we use my blog as an example; In the beginning of my blog I said:" I will not put any kinds of advertisement on my blog ". Look at it now, I have one Adsense ad in my sidebar (which I am thinking of removing because honestly.. it looks ugly ~_~). I said:" I will never host a giveaway ". Well look at that! I am hosting one right now (because I have one unused and I don't wear circle lens anymore). I also thought I would probably NEVER get any sponsored items because of two reasons:
  1. My blog is tiny
  2. Isn't it hard to do an objective review when you get something for FREE? 

But life sometimes throws you some odd balls and I actually ended up asking! The only thing I threw away was my pride LOL! (But really, I just asked if it was possible to review the item.) The reason why I am hesitant about sponsor in general is because I think it's hard to stay objective. Nowadays you see so many sponsored reviews and they say "These are my own opinions; I am in no way paid to say XX about XX product". I believe them, I really do. But something in the back of my head don't fully believe it. Is it really their utmost complete honest opinion?

They say free stuff is always the best. Free food taste better, free clothes looks better so naturally we are a bit bias and our expectations are low as well because hey it's free stuff?! Also you can't help (maybe subconsciously?) review an item a little better than what you were really feeling. You know the feeling where you've bought you thought you'd adore, but then it turns out to be shit and it's too much of a bother to return it. So when you talk about it you say "Ahhh it's not really what I had imagined" instead of "Damn, I just wasted my money and this was shit! don't buy it". Whenever it's a positive thing I swear people RAVE & RAVE " GOOD LORDDD! THE BEST THING EVAR!": you know exaggerate when it's something good, but when it's negative few people actually write "WORST THING EVAR" it's more this "Everybody is different, so *maybe* you'd like it". I see this a lot and my own assumption is: YOU ARE BEING VANILLA. You are being soft! It's sort of like they want to continue this sponsorship by being slightly bias towards that particular item because they still want to receive free things. If anyone can says "I ONLY do it because it's helpful for others" - Well THAT, I find hard to believe! Just say it's a good chance to get free stuff... I won't hate you for saying it *pinky promise*.

I am not going to lie, but I had these thoughts about sponsors because that's what I originally thought when I found out I was getting sponsored. I was so excited because it's my first time being receiving something from a sponsor and I was pumped. I wanted to write a kick-ass review so that it would go well for that particular shop. Unexpectedly I had a lecture in my University class about why you should be critical of your feelings and thought. Why did I get excited? Why did I want to receive sponsored things? Why did I wish the shop well? After answering myself these questions I had asked, I ended up asking myself: Why did I [in the beginning] think I wouldn't get sponsored? (besides being a small blog) and to that I answered: I was afraid that I would be bias and I would not be able to give my honest opinion. I pride myself for being an honest person because it's so easy to get distracted. I don't have anything to show (speaking of clothes, make-up and so) which is why my word is important because that's all I have. After these big bubbles of thoughts were flying in my head I realized that it's so important to write a HONEST review and I should not get distracted and just focus on my feelings about the sponsored item.

It's a safe bet to say I won't get sponsored much after this LOL, but if I ever do. Please remember it will be my honest opinion and it will not be about circle lens. (it's not because I don't like them, just because I feel like they are everywhere :-)

Another reason why I won't be reviewing many sponsored items, is because I want my blog to be taken seriously and it shouldn't look like I own a blog which mainly advertises whenever it's possible. Nowadays I feel it's hard to find fellow bloggers whom you can have a dialogue with. I find so many similar and uniform blogs out there which makes it hard to know what kind of person they are. Do we have same interests or are you just "another beauty-blog"? When did this trend start? When/why did everyone become so professional? I want to say because of Michelle Phan, but I am not sure! ^-^
I'm not saying it's a bad thing because I will be doing one soon. It just got me thinking a lot! which I like. Also if I follow you, chances are that I want us to be friends *wink wink*!


Sorry for this long-post! just thought I'd put it out there now that I will be showing you the thing I got sponsored. I will quote so many other girls and say: "I am not getting paid anything for it" (LOL ofc you wont get paid because sponsors can find MANY who'd gladly do it for free!)
Also: my exam is on Friday! I've been a bit busy you can say. I'm exhausted and I haven't seen daylight since Tuesday. I have been studying like crazy lately! I am so tired that I almost feel energetic.. LOL

What do you guys think of sponsored items on blogs? Do you guys want to get sponsored if it was possible? And also... am I the only one who has exams soon ?

- Sally <3

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