forget about the world, we're young tonight

∼October 14, 2012∼

Last time I blogged, I did have a hard time adjusting myself to this new big city.. but now? Things are looking much better!
I am much more comfortable now and I actually feel like I know the city more and I have come to like it a bit. It's different, but still good. This week I had friends over and we made sushi so it was really nice. My sister also came and visited me. Twice! Which I am deeply happy about because I have missed her the most of all the people from back home. It's so nice to see a familiar face when you are surrounded by strangers everyday. My sister and I made food, talked, danced, fooled around and also went out into the mid city and did some shopping. It is truly heartwarming to see my sister even though we see each other quite often (but less than before). I think I began liking my city after my sister visited me: it was that feeling of knowing the city more than another person who's not from there. I could show her this and that and I knew how to get around. I suddenly felt like I had lived there for quite a while. 

Like I said last time, time makes a big difference. I only need time and everything will be alright. And talking about time. I have been thinking a lot about how young I am. People always say, you have all the time in the world and they are absolutely right. While they also say that one should be careful because sometimes time just slips you by, but even then I feel like I don't need to rush anything. I just need to live in the moment. Wait. Correction: Live in the moment, but plan for the future. Not that YOLO-shit which has been bugging me out (YOLO = excuse to do silly ass things without feeling guilty). I have decided or actually realized that I am not ready for a boyfriend because in my heart and mind I know I can't focus on anyone but myself. I thought I wanted a boyfriend (which is true to some extent), but it hinders my other goals in life and I value my goals more than wanting to have a boyfriend.

I am going to engrave this in my blog. I will focus on school, get my degree, travel and experience what life really taste like and everything else can come after. I only deserve the best. I know that sounds super egotistical, but I had a flashback of all my memories and I just recall me being the girl who always settles. It's about damn time I got picky. Of course I will still have fun and everything, I just won't be having any serious commitments to anyone./oh well end of little rant ;-)

Btw. I am studying Japanese right now. Anyone else who are doing that?
Wanna joing me? Let's practice together (^-^)/ go go!!!

Also I love Justin Bieber's new song. It's so catchy. I love it.
Justin Bieber - Beauty and A Beat

that's it! Tomorrow is my one study/vacation week!

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