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∼October 9, 2012∼

I am tired. These past couple of weeks has been rough on me. Will these next couple of years fly by like the other past years I wonder? I just can't seem to get used to my new city. Just not yet. I miss my family and I just miss that general feeling of being home. It's not just about where I sleep, but home. I keep telling myself that I will get used to it which is probably true, but when exactly is that? I think about Japan and I remember being homesick the first couple of days and the last week of my stay. But in no way, was it the same way as this.  Back then I knew I was eventually going home to see my family and spend time with my family, but now I am back in sweet Denmark yet I am not home. It scares me a bit. I love my studio, I care about my school and I like my classmates so what's the problem? I don't know, but there's just a odd feeling I just can't seem to shake off. With time and the right people, it will disappear.

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