autumn vacation is over ..

∼October 24, 2012∼

Hellooooo. I hope everybody has been well the past week.
For me it's been quite lovely.. Last week was my Autumn vacation and I went back home because really? What am I supposed to do in Aarhus when I can be at home when I finally have a break from school. In my home time you can finally feel the Autumn season: trees are turning yellow, orange and red and it just looks gorgeous. It's by far my favorite season. Everybody look fashionable as well. I haven't been doing much besides relaxing with my family and meeting up with some close friends. I also went to birthdays and home-parties at my aunt's house. I only had my camera at my auntie's house and she made bun rieu which is a Vietnamese noodle-dish. It was so delicious! I ate to my heart's content and even more!

We also went car-hunting.. My sister and I are considering investing in a car, but we are not sure if it's a 
good idea in regards of the economy and all and if we're able to find a job right after we finish University.

Now I am just back to normal; back in school and I studying really hard since my exam is next week. I wouldn't say it's nerve-wrecking, but I am definitely a little nervous how my first verbal exam is going to be like. Wish me good luck. I have been studying like crazy this week so I want to have good results. 

So how has your week/vacation been like? And what's your favorite season?
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