Tokyo cont.: foreigner's POV, purikura, izakaya etc.

∼September 20, 2012∼

- continuation of my Tokyo stay! these are old drafts which I never published and I just put in ONE POST. 
Needless to say it's pretty messy, but it's now or never.. don't want too many drafts :-) -

You can't go to Japan without being in to one of these photobooths called Purikura.
PURIKURA is a photobooth where you can take fun pictures of yourself. It's nothing like those boring passport kind of photo-booths. They are really girly and after going into a purikura booth you should end up with something like this!

In Japan, you choose what skincolor you want and then you can choose if you want to have your eyes enlarged or just have them as they are naturally. Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember that it's called Nadame? It's kind of like circle lens effect, but just kind of freaky :) They have many different purikura machines and they do come out with new ones once in a while.

The way you do this: You go in, take your coat off and then you put the coins in! I believe it's 400yen. You need to be quick when you select your style and all! After that you just snap your photos.
When you're finished, you go around the booth and find the monitor where you can customize your purikura with anything you like. Stars, hearts, text, dates or whatever. I guess, only the imagination sets the limits. When you take purikura, remember that you have limited time so you need to be quick when you do purikura! After that you print your pictures and you can also enter your email so the pictures will be sent to you. Then cut it and share with your friends.

It's a fun activity and it's very popular among young girls! Especially high school girls and them anime looking boys, but normal people do it too.
Unless you're a guy and going alone then, you might want to skip this activity since you're probably not interested in these kind of things. Btw. some places don't allow guys unless they're with their girlfriends or in a group where there are girls. Most people don't care about it, but just so you know..... they do have signs against guys going in alone :-)

In Japan (or maybe just Tokyo?), every day is a party. You don't go out on only weekends, but weekdays too! I thought I was crazy when going out on a Wednesday or Thursday, but I have seen loads of people going out on Sundays and Mondays. Since I am underage in Japan I can't go clubbing (but I sure will try did it!) so I go to drinking places like Izakaya because they rarely if ever card you for your age. Izakaya is a really popular drinking place and it's somewhat cheap. You can order nomouhodai which is drink-all-you-can for two hours and it's about 2000yen I believe. Maybe more depending on how many snacks you buy.

It works like his: you walk in, tell how many are going drink this nomouhodai or you just order whatever you want from an electronic device and they will bring he drinks and food to you. When you're done, you can see it on a electronic tablet how much you need to pay, how many people to divide the total expenses with and so on. It's a good way to get to know people and talk to your friends. You can socialize with other people in a Izakaya, but it's not a bar because you sit in a cubicle kind of place.

Konbini aka convenient stores
If you're hungry and you just don't want to go to a restaurant or you're a bit hungry and you don't want to spend too much: I recommend buying something from the Konbini (LAWSON, FamilyMart etc.)

I can honestly say that everyday for lunch I bought my lunch there. I'd buy two onigiri; one with tuna and the other with salmon. Onigiri means rice-balls btw. It's only 105yen a piece so it's very cheap and tasty too. Win-win right? Of course there are other things to buy, but that's just what I buy :-)

Written in katakana: sea-chicken mayonnaise, salmon mayonnaise
You will see that it's not only tourists who buy lunch there: Japanese people and salesmen do too. Around lunch time 11.45-13.00 it's typically crowded and most of the food might be gone.

Eating ramen and you hear lots of slurping? Yeah, apparently it shows respect when you slurp and it also shows you're enjoying! It means that it's delicious. If you're the type who slurps, then slurp away!!!!

Working girl magazine
People often hand out tissues as advertisement and sometimes I take it. Also magazines as well. The other day I grabbed something I thought was a fashion magazine but it turned to be a working girls magazine. Some of the jobs was something like: ejaculation with condom is ok, blowjob, hand-jobs, working as AV model, soap-girl, phonesex, hosts and so on. Working hours, flexibility, salary, last train leaving etc.. Basically a magazine for young girls or just females who wants to work in that kind of field.. Hmmmmmmmmm only in Japan? The girl who gave it to me, was handing this out right outside the station in front of the bakery? LIKE WTH XD

EDIT: bonus story:  In the beginning I actually didn't know it was that kind of magazine. I was babysitting Maya and I had her in the stroller on my way home when I grabbed the magazine. I thought that it would be fun for Maya to play with the magazine which is why I took it. Then when I got home I just casually put it on the dining table, NOT REALIZING of course that it was a working girl magazine. Imagine my surprise when my host family asks me if I knew what magazine I brought home was. I just said: Just a fashion magazine I took home near the bakery. And then my host family told me what kind of magazine that was. LOL they were joking and said that they thought I was searching for a new job in Japan XD

This might be my last Tokyo post even though I do have some other pictures and drafts.
But it's just been too long since Tokyo. I still have the geisha-post and Asakusa.. oh well, can't do everything at once ;-)

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