New Town, New Friends, New Skills

∼September 11, 2012∼

So I am well into my first couple of weeks here in Aarhus and it's been good. 
University is definitely very different from what I had expected, but I like it. I like the sense of freedom you have and it makes me feel a lot more independent. I'm not going to lie, but I still feel really homesick. I suppose it will last for a while, but then again - it's only been a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be better.

At the moment I haven't been doing much since I am broke! but last weekend I was on something called rustur which is a trip (arranged by our seniors) where you get to socialize with your new classmates and also the seniors. The purpose is to shake everybody together so we can form friendships with people from different classes and teams.We basically do activities and drink alcohol and that's that ;-) I can say that I had a great time and I don't regret going on this kind of trip. I already knew it wasn't really me, but I have changed since Japan and I had a easier time to get to know people. I really enjoyed the trip and I feel like it's good to know your classmates because NOW it's no longer awkward when you meet people from different classes because now I actually know and have talked to them.

The camp place we went to is located in a city called Mors. The most beautiful place I have seen since I came back. We certainly don't have this kind of view in my city where everything is flat!

Doesn't it look pretty? It looks unreal to me. Kind of like Alice in Wonderland kind of place. So much green and so many hills. It's amazing right? The place was really windy, but I love a fresh breeze. Other than the place, I must say the people in my year were really nice and kind. My education has mostly girls which is nice! We don't have to impress anyone, there's is no boys to distract us; it's just very relaxing yet very fun! I can say that after the weekend I was so tired, but I managed to prepare my homework, work out (YES I AM WORKING OUT!) and also cook!!!

I am just gonna end my post like this and show some food pictures!

- dinner: pasta with pesto & chicken with squash soup.

- breakfast: pancakes without eggs and chocolate müesli

- dinner: pasta with bolognese sauce with squash soup!

- dessert (before I moved btw): dong suong which is a Vietnamese dessert. it's made of agar ;-)

That's it. I hope you guys don't get bored with my food posts!!!!

Oh wait!
Everyone on Instagram: follow me on sallythao and I will follow back! It's always nice with new people ;-)

Me and a classmate! She is so adorable! I really like her.

ok, see ya!!!! xo

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