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∼September 6, 2012∼

Hey lovelies! I hope I still got some readers left even though I took such a long break.

So as some might know, I moved to another city due to my studies.
I thought it would be nice to show it because I am so proud of my studio and if anyone is moving into or am going to move into a studio , I guess you can use this as an inspiration. I remember myself searching everywhere for inspiration, floor-plans and so on.

Here's a short background story of my studio apartment. You see, my family calls me a princess and sometimes I really feel like one. Some would probably say I am spoiled (which I don't understand because I don't really ask for anything) - I'd like to think of it's more like being loved. And boy, it's a great feeling to know that you're loved by your family. All of my things I have in my apartment is all thanks to my family. I thank my dear parents and especially my dearest sister who helped me the most when I had to move. Everybody worked really hard with my apartment so I am very grateful for everything.

MÅNSTAD corner sofa-bed with storage in Gobo dark beige, KLUBBO sofa table 70x70
Before I moved out, I was constantly thinking about how I wanted my apartment to be: What kind of feel should it have? What colors should it be? Should it be feminine or neutral? I am not picky per say, but I have very strong opinions on what I don't want. I didn't want to go over-simplistic with black/white colors only or too harsh colors or crazy rainbow colors, but something bright and feminine yet neutral and timeless and I ended up with colors like white/neutral(earthy)/purple/chrome which fits my taste perfectly. I wanted a it to be organic, but still modern.

Since my apartment is only 29m2 I had to choose between a double sized bed or a sofa bed with a chaise-long. I went with the latter which comes from IKEA. I originally wanted both a couch and a single, but there was thankfully not room enough. Imagine having all that in my studio. It is not possible and would make the room too cluttered. I am glad I went with the couch because I love the double function of my bed/couch and double functions are great when you live in a small studio: you don't have much space, but you still want everything to fit without being too much. I know, explained very complicated.... my English is getting worse day by day. On days I am alone, I have it as a bed - when there is company it's a couch.
Btw. you can probably tell that most of my furniture are from IKEA right? :-) Most of my decorations are not from IKEA though so it helps rub out the IKEA feel!

NORDEN gateleg table, JEFF folding chair, KNAPPA pendant lamp
ASPELUND 4-drawer dresser
ENJE roller blinds

Another thing about living alone is COOKING and EATING alone. It's arguable if that is a good thing ;-) Sometimes it sucks because you just want food, but then you remember that YOU are the who has to cook it. You want something? You make it! On the other hand it's good practice to improve ones cooking... so bleh...
Today I didn't make anything complicated so I was fine! The menu was ribbon pasta seasoned with onion, garlic, oregano, lemon, salt, bit of sugar and lastly pepper. I also had chicken seasoned with soya sauce, oyster sauce, pepper and sugar. As salad I had cucumbers and slices of apple. It taste better than how I describe it ;-)

I am slowly getting used to solo cooking and I think I am getting better at measuring how much I need to make and also planning my food for the rest of the week. I can honestly say that I miss my family a lot during these times. Where's my sweet mom? Oh. I miss my family. I guess it's something I have to get used to. In the beginning of this week I got really homesick but now I feel better because I occupy myself. I am probably not the only one feeling like this when they move out. Everything gets better with time and I am getting better day by day. Work hard, play hard!! Nothing can beat me (#^.^#) .. I will look at living alone as a part of growing and THAT motivates me greatly otherwise I would be too dejected to stay in the city hihi ^.^

Oh well, that's it for today! I can't believe I stopped blogging for so long! but yeah, I hope everybody is doing well ;-)
I am definitely gonna catch up on my fellow bloggers ^_^
- Much love and bye for now!

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